Food Poisoning Isn’t Pretty

Not sure if it was the tomatoes from the store, the long beans from my garden or maybe it was the sushi at Crave…but at some point last week some nasty little bacteria, hitching a ride on something I ate, decided to invade my body.

I have been getting steadily worse since Friday morning. Going into work is out of the question. Eating scares me. I sip water to try to keep the dehydration at bay. It doesn’t help that my husband is out-of-town for work all week and I’m running low on supplies like cat food and toilet paper.

I keep thinking I’ll wake up the next day and be fine but five days in I don’t seem to be over the hump yet. I wish I had more focus but all I want to do is sleep. This is a terrible way to lose weight. I miss my daily workouts. Does anyone have any advice to help get rid of this food poisoning fast?