Television Lies

A man just tried to force his way inside my house tonight, he was looking for money. When husband overpowered him and got the door closed he began to pace around our exterior, finally settling down on the east side to stare inside through the window. As husband called the police the man began to openly masturbate while watching “Tanked” on Animal Planet through our window. The police drove by him and did not stop, husband had to call them twice. When they did arrive they merely asked the man how his night was and told him to take his bike and leave…there’s no justice for us in this neighborhood, our white skin has only worked against us in frogtown.

Bane of my Existence


The 225th time I’ve been told this.

Originally posted on DADA:

You sit there, confidently selling yourself with amassed skill sets and clever responses. A prime candidate for the labor they desire. Their warm reception of what you offer giving you a (false) hope of future collaboration. Personable banter as you exit to strengthen a favorable impression.

What actors they are, with their encouraging words about matching their needs and being the front-runner. Deceptive cold eyes behind their smiling faces. The political shenanigans that play out in the shadows, all your good favor being stripped away by jealous and controlling misogynists. Questions forever unanswered so the truth won’t be revealed and your cage remains intact.

Status update:

“No longer under consideration”

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