What’s Right With You Today?

Woke up at the cabin and the strong storms that were hitting the area completely bypassed me, lots of family time ensued, new inside jokes were formed and I taught an impressionable youth a valuable lesson.

What’s right with YOU today?

Friday At Last

It’s Friday, I am all caught up at work and in only a couple of hours I get to fly this coop and head here!


The only downside is that while I am relaxing by the water husband will still be at home, working. The cats, I’m sure, will also miss me.

I’ve managed to convince random people and family to come join me throughout the week so, with the exception of a couple of hours this evening, I doubt I will ever be alone up there.

Fresh air, fishing, hiking, target practice with my 9mm and the shotguns, paddle boating about the lake, enjoying a large bonfire by the water and so much more…I can’t wait!

I love free vacations!