Story Ideas

Think quantum leap but with a psychic.

An empathic girl has always been a magnet for spirits…they weigh her down until she figures out what they want from her. With each one she helps she hopes the next one will be the last and she can finally start to live her life. Yes I know, I know, BBCs Bedlam, but I am writing this and taking it down a different path. It is more about how their presence teaches her a lesson about herself and life and just how much their emotions can affect her. It’s like sharing your brain with multiple other people except they are not telling you to start fires.

Reincarnation Rehab

If a person did not abide by the universal laws of truth, love and beauty, if they took and abused and destroyed without repentance then they were sentanced to a new life of punishment upon their death. Depending on the nature of their offenses the length and severity of their punishment could last long past their ability to become rehabilitated. Clever and complex situations were created for each offender to not only convince their nature to change for the better but to ensure that they would not be tempted to revert to their old ways no matter what the situation.

Dream Dome

Dreams are just stories that your brain plays as movies in your head while you sleep. An advanced society uses technology to send wealthy individuals into the dreams of people in another dimension. The goal is to maneuver through the dream, which acts as a holodeck of sorts, overcoming any challenges or emotional roller coasters that the original dream contains. Advanced dream hijackers learn to use the person’s imagination to turn their dream into an adventure where the interloper can safely act out any fantasies. The longer people’s dreams are taken over the worse off the dreamers become when they awaken.

Reality is Depressing

I am so angry all the time, when I am not angry I am depressed. I want so badly to find joy in life again, however it is difficult to find joy in a house that is nothing but a disappointment for all that it should have represented. It is hard to find joy in a job that has no challenge with co workers who create re-work with their ineptitude and a boss who is incompetent and petty. It is hard to find joy in sleeping squished into the corner of a couch that hurts my back and insomnia bouts that make me afraid to drive to work in the morning. It is hard to find joy in a marriage that seems more like roommates making the best of a temporary living arrangement. It is hard to find joy when I have looming bills and can not accurately judge the amount of money I actually have. I try to focus on the positive things, but at some point I can not logically dismiss that things really suck for me right now. These issues need to be addressed and can not be pushed away and forgotten in a deluded attempt to reduce my stress level with forced positivity. Why can’t I have nice things, why is it so important that I be made to suffer and be uncomfortable and deprived of simple things like routine and a bed to sleep in. What horrible thing would happen if I was left alone to make a semblance of normal life? Every challenge that is thrown at me I overcome, but it kills a part of me that hopes, dreams, creates, sees the best in people and spreads cheer. Eventually I will be a bitter old woman who mistrusts everyone and secludes herself from the world because I don’t want to keep struggling forever. It really isn’t fair. I work hard, I am responsible, I have standards that I uphold. I abide by the laws of my country, I do not lie cheat or steal, I am a faithful spouse and I make sure I act in a way that doesn’t negatively impact others. I need a break from the stress, it needs to be longer than a day or a week or even a month. I need at least a year-long respite to recharge my batteries, to rebuild my life. I need a save point of sorts because if I continue to fight without replenishing what has been beaten out of me I won’t make it and in real life, when you run out of HP you don’t get revived by hitting reset on the console


In between getting up to let the dog out and my first alarm going off I had one of the most vivid dreams of my life.
I was part of an exploratory mission to the surface of Mars. New technology had just been invented based off of an idea I had as a child that created a personal atmosphere that protected its wearer from toxins, extreme temperatures and physical attacks. Since I was the inspiration behind this innovative and extremely useful invention, I was allowed to join the expedition to see how my idea worked in the ultimate test.
My dream started with us entering Mars’ atmosphere. What had previously looked like a red barren planet devoid of life transformed before our eyes. There were towering pine trees everywhere and other vegetation indiscernible from our height. As we got closer to the surface we could see small streams winding between the massive forests that existed. We could see some buildings in the distance and we just stared out all the windows all around our ship in shock. Our communication with Earth was cut off as soon as we breached the atmosphere and we were unsure of how to proceed. The ship landed in a clearing and we scanned the area to determine if there was oxygen and other suitable factors before we exited our craft. We discovered that we could exit the ship without the need for my devices, but we wore them just the same, ready to activate if necessary.
We had a camera man on our crew whose sole purpose was to document the entire journey. He was pleased to discover his camera recorded just fine and immediately began filming our surroundings with an excited narrative that seemed to spark curiosity in the others. I followed the camera man as we waded through a creek, he turned on his underwater mode and dunked the lens in the stream to see what was in the water. Our sampling team was giddy with excitement as they started grabbing dirt, foliage and water samples to investigate in the ship’s lab. They opted to stay behind and evaluate their findings while I was assigned to go exploring with the camera man and a few others.
We walked for over two hours through thick underbrush that seemed to be very similar to the forests I grew up exploring in northern Minnesota. Eventually we came to the edge of a city. There was a smooth wall towering 3o’ up that housed what appeared to be the entire metropolis. There was a path and open entryway 100 yards down from where we exited the forest. The cameraman put his camera away in his pack and we looked at each other trying to gauge who wanted to enter and who wanted to head back. It was decided that we would see who or what was behind those walls. We walked into the gated community, as I had come to think of it, and what we saw stopped us all in our tracks.
It was a city, of that there was no doubt. Merchants were everywhere, calling out in a language we understood, dog-like creatures padded around the buildings and birds nestled atop the carts. The signs on the shops and carts seemed hazy the first time we looked at them, then the longer we stared the clearer they became and we realized we could read them all. No one seemed to pay any attention to us, although we must have stood out in our matching SET (Space Exploration Team) jumpsuits. They looked like humans, but were slightly taller and although some people were stockier than others in build no one appeared to be overweight at all. No children were visible. I approached a lady who looked to be in her 60’s as she sat on a bench staring at some purple birds who looked very similar to pigeons. I asked her how long ago Mars had colonized Earth and she looked up at me with absolutely no surprise and started mumbling about something that happened to her as a girl leeth years ago. I was confused because although I seemed to understand what she was saying I didn’t know what leeth meant. It reminded me of when I would try to use Google translator and some words just had no translation.
As I was trying to get more information from the older woman a younger woman approached me. She appeared to be in her early 30’s and was wearing a gray uniform with a black baton at her hip. She asked me what I was doing and I repeated my question to her. When did Mars colonize Earth? She seemed momentarily startled and then replied firth years ago, that is common knowledge, why do you ask? My confused look must have alerted her that something was not right, she glanced down at my jumpsuit and immediately grabbed my arm. She pulled me close to her and whispered, you must not draw attention to yourself. You are criminals and are not allowed on our planet. We have done everything to keep you from coming back here. You represent all the violence and greed we have worked so hard to eliminate from our society. If you don’t leave immediately there will be grave consequences. She released my arm and went over to talk to the old woman, but kept glancing back at me with a mistrustful look.
I hurried back over to my group and shared the information I had just learned with them.
We stood there in shock, looking at each other, unsure of what to do next. I looked over to where the women were and they had both disappeared. I urged the group to leave the city and go back to our ship. The security officer agreed with me, but the camera man wanted to film the market scene. I told him it was a bad idea and started heading towards the exit. The camera man did not listen. He took off into the crowd and I felt a sense of dread slowly creep over me. I was a few feet from exiting back out into the forest when a hand grabbed my arm. Two men in black uniforms had stopped me. I was asked to please come with them. I noticed they had grabbed the security officer as well. There was no sign of the camera man or the other two memebers in our party. We were taken into a building and put in a room with no windows. One of the uniformed men came in and began asking us questions. He wanted to know where we were from and our purpose in this city. I was unsure of how to answer. I was afraid to tell them that I had come from another planet, afraid of what they would do, not with me, but with the rest of the planet. The uniformed man seemed upset that we were not responding and he pulled the security officer out of the room. A minute later he came back to talk to me alone.
At that point my alarm went off and I woke up. I don’t know how this dream would have ended or what triggered it. I just know that nothing I saw looked familiar and nothing corresponded with any movie I have ever seen.