Spring disappears from northern hemisphere: the winter that won’t end

I am living this…I am not pleased about it, this needs to be acknowledged and people need to adapt to the changing seasons or we will further suffer.

The Extinction Protocol

Earth reeling from dynamic change: The planet’s magnetic field is weakening, volcanic activity is increasing, a major tectonic plate is fracturing, and the planet’s weather is becoming more chaotic and unpredictable.
April 30, 2013MINNESOTAApril has been a freakishly cold month across much of the northern USA, bringing misery to millions of sun-starved and winter-weary residents from the Rockies to the Midwest. “The weather map … looks like something out of The Twilight Zone,” Minneapolis meteorologist Paul Douglas of WeatherNation TV wrote on his blog last week. Record cold and snow has been reported in dozens of cities, with the worst of the chill in the Rockies, upper Midwest and northern Plains. Several baseball games have been snowed out in both Denver and Minneapolis. Cities such as Rapid City, S.D.; Duluth, Minn.; and Boulder, Colo., have all endured their snowiest month ever recorded. (In…

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Treading Water

In the past week I have had contractor refuse mediation, heard more lies he has spewn, received two letters in the mail demanding payment for things I never requested or authorized that I have already given money to contractor to pay for, received notice of a lien against my property and now I am receiving harassing calls from another sub contractor who claims he did work that I personally did on my house and I have no idea what to do next. This is some bullshit and I will not stand by and let a network of shady people intimidate me out of house and bank account. I am exhausted, I am sore, I just want to be able to move past this situation and I feel like every time I get some momentum towards that goal I get slammed back down and told to stay miserable or else. Just because I am not wealthy does not give people the right to take what little I have worked hard to gain. I need to find a lawyer who will work on contingency or within my extremely limited budget so I can get this resolved and start living again. Anyone know any good lawyers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area?


Went to the first softball practice of the year, the team needs just as much work as they did the last time I played with them years ago. Normally if I overdo it, I will pay for it the next day, I barely got home and my throwing arm was already screaming at me, my back knotted up in agony. Apparently I didn’t stretch nearly enough before I started. If I thought I was hurting, it was nothing compared to husband, he managed to really fuck himself up running somehow. The higher his pain level, the worse we get along so both of us being hurt yesterday afternoon was a recipe for a screaming match. We hadn’t been home for an hour when the first hissy fit ensued. I got annoyed, he felt unheard, I felt unappreciated, he felt he couldn’t depend on me…back and forth with both of us focusing on how we were the victim. I made a half-assed attempt to validate his concerns, he didn’t believe me, I got frustrated and closed back up. He tried to calm me down, I was too angry to listen and I thought that it would be just another day where we pull further away instead of coming closer together. Then he said something to me that broke through all the bullshit. We are both so broken, and we will stay broken unless we stop repeating the past or using the wait and hope approach. It is so hard to let down your guard and trust someone else. So hard to rely on someone because the past has taught us that others can not be trusted. If I want this to work tho, I am going to have to take these scary steps, and so will he. It will not be easy, and we will bruise our egos and be emotionally sore, but in the end we will emerge stronger with higher endurance. No pain, no gain.