Quietly Into the Dark

In the fall of 2019 the human race was defeated and enslaved. They fell not with a bang but with a whimper, barely a hand was raised in defense of the planetary takeover. The alien race that had been observing Earth for decades had devised a clever plan for domination. Their strategy allowed them to conquer without a single casualty on their end and also kept the majority of the human population intact for slave labor. Only a handful of humans were able to avoid capture. They hid underground and in caves, living as their ancient ancestors did, with no electronic devices, rudimentary tools and at the mercy of the land. A refusal to embrace technology was the only thing that had spared them the fate of their brothers. For it was through technology that the aliens had found a way to make willing slaves of humanity.

The aliens, a race known in other parts of the galaxy as Coaxians, prefered to work smarter, not harder in their goal to find resources. They had found that in the past, hostile takeovers were messy and to be avoided at all costs. The chief commander, Eyreal, had devised a strategy of observation to pinpoint the weakness of the inhabitants of any planet deemed worth overtaking. Humans had been found to possess a troublesome attitude towards invasion and the ability to band together and overpower enemies even against great odds. They hadn’t evolved intellectually to the level of the Coaxians but still showed flashes of ingenuity and cleverness that presented the opportunity for them to potentially be victorious. This was a chance that Eyreal was not willing to take. He studied different humans from all over the world. He sent small ships to capture samples so he could run experiments and figure out a plan that would not fail. Eyreal was pleased to discover that the human collective would often refuse to believe things they could not see and touch and thus he grew more confident and bold in his capture and release experiments with humans. Even when one of his ships was captured by one of the human governments, the humans did not realize what they had found, or the danger that it represented. The two team members that were held captive by the humans acted like spies, sending all visual and audio back the main ship for years before they feigned death and escaped. It was this information that gave Eyreal the idea for how he would conquer Earth.

Eyreal had observed that humans were often emotionally contradictive but could be easily manipulated if they felt that they were in control. Pride could be used against them quite successfully, as well as the need for adoration. If given the chance, most humans would avoid hard work and choose to be lazy and gluttonous. Eyreal captured a human and implanted an idea in his head that would advance the primitive technology the humans currently had. He sent the human back and watched the effect the new technology had on the civilization. Humanity embraced what the technology allowed them to do. Eyreal grew impatient, however, at the slow speed of tech advancement. He captured several more humans and implanted the specs for even more advanced electronics. This time the influx of new advancements in technology spurred the desired effect Eyreal had wanted. Humans began to try to outdo each other and create better and more powerful electronics and machines. They sought ways for technology to take over all the mundane tasks their bodies and brains previously did. Machines were designed to do the physical labor and programs were created to take over all the complex thinking. By the second decade of the 21st century humans relied so heavily on technology, computers and machines that there were very few who could live without it. The cumulative IQ of the planet, which had been steadily rising for centuries, began to decline. The drive to do better and be better began to cease, instead people just wanted to get paid to watch videos of cats on the internet and type complaints in 140 characters or less to put out into the social media. Entertainment was prized over intellect, amusement over integrity. Creativity morphed into nothing more than creating the next meme. The only scientific advancements were for how to make life easier for humans, so they had even less to do themselves. Eventually people forgot how to do simple math, grow food in a garden, hand write letters, sew clothes, make things by hand and even how to interact in person with each other.

Eyreal began the takeover in early 2019 with the introduction of a new type of personal computer. He had planted the suggestion in all the world leaders to make this personal computer a mandated device for all humans. This computer would be implanted into the brain and would allow the person to sit back and do next to nothing because the computer would take care of everything. It would also contain the person’s currency, allow for long distance communication and access to the human collective of knowledge, thus replacing the need for formal education. With this computer implanted in the brain anyone could solve complex math problems, pick up heavy items, take a photograph with their eyes and so much more. Humanity embraced the technology with open arms, lining up and even fighting to get the computer implanted in them before their neighbors. There was almost no opposition and by the fall of 2019 99.9% of the world had the technology inside them. Once all humans with any ability to command military had been “chipped” Eyreal launched his attack. He sent out a test signal first to a high-ranking earth military general commanding him to pull out a gun and shoot his entire family. The general complied without a single glitch. Eyreal sent several other test signal commands out to the general population and each command was obeyed with no resistance. He broadcast the signal world-wide and the humans became puppets in his hands.

There was a small percentage of people who didn’t trust technology, they had rejected society and lived in the woods or countryside, farming and living off the land. Some called themselves Amish and did it for religious reasons, others just placed a high value on hard work and self-sufficiency. These were the humans who watched the rest of society fall to the aliens, the only free humans left on the planet by 2020. They were the only ones who fully understood what was happening and left written copies of the story in as many safe places as they could find. Each cave drawing the same, each story scribbled down warning future generations of how the aliens manipulated humanity through technology. Over time their numbers dwindled. Living off the land, hiding from aliens, was hard and many didn’t procreate. They were unsuccessful in their attempts to free the enslaved humans. The slaves would refuse to even listen and often times the effort would only cost the free humans their lives. Eventually all attempts stopped and the last free men retreated quietly into the dark, the flame of humanity fading out with them.

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