Outwardly Expressing Inner Dissatisfaction

Have you ever come across a person who makes everything more complicated than it needs to be? Have you pondered how such a simple concept can escape them? Do you sit there, frustrated that people like that are unnecessarily making your life more difficult because they can’t be bothered to work out a process for themselves, but not knowing why they do what they do? I see it all the time.

There are certain people in life who are deeply unsatisfied with an aspect of their life, let’s say their job. They can only complain for so long before people tell them to shut up or find a new job. When they no longer feel that they can vent about the tedious tasks or revamped processes then they must find a way to validate their right to complain again. They must invent a new reason to be unhappy that can’t be blamed on their lack of work ethic. This starts the subconscious act of finding ways to make simple tasks way more complicated than they need to be. They nitpick any tiny flaw in another person as creating heavy additional burdens on their own workflow. They act confused about the tiniest of process improvement changes. Their finger begins to point at everyone else. The excuses begin to flow like rain from their mouth. What no one seems to realize, or want to say, is that this is all just the person’s way of outwardly expressing their inner dissatisfaction with their current situation. It usually doesn’t solve any problems, sadly, only creates frustration for all involved.

I always want to just pull them aside and tell them that I see through the facade, but that never ends well. Someday I hope to find a solution to this. Perhaps at some future time I will be able to create the perfect sentence to diffuse the inner turmoil of others that lashes out at me, that would be a great day indeed. Until then I will just have to settle for knowing the reason why and feel helpless to stop it.

Nostalgia, The Double Edged Sword

Nostalgia is roughly a painful return to home. Home being where you came from, painfully returning to it because it is in the past. We remember pleasant memories but it is bittersweet because it is a memory of happiness that we can no longer access with our physical being. Memories fade over time, the longer it has been since that past happy time, the farther away it seems. The longer it has been, the more nostalgic you become about the event.

Lately I have been reminiscing about people and places from my history. A random song brings back countless car rides and mini-adventures experienced. Late night kitchen dates and video games, impromptu concerts and movie marathons. An entire life lived in a few short years, people I may never see again who were once so important. Do happy people also think back to happy memories or is it only those who feel they are missing something that search through their past for clues to what they currently lack?

Nostalgia is proof that there were times you want to look back on, times that are really worth remembering, but also a reminder of what can never be duplicated. If I could re-live past moments I think I would, in a heartbeat, if only to refresh the memories that time continues to slowly rob me of.

Often Forgotten


When I am unhappy I try to remind myself that happiness is just another mood. Much like anger, hunger, tiredness and sorrow. It is fleeting, but it will be back again. There is no magical place or person or drug that will make you happy if only you can get to it. Nothing in this world will make you feel happy forever. Just appreciate the days that you wake with a happy mood, or the moments in time that create the opportunity for happiness to envelop you. Much like life, happiness will never be a concrete destination.