GMO…Genetically Modified Obesity

The more I think about it the more I think that GMO stands for Genetically Modified Obesity. I think the crap they put in the food and all the processing that goes on before that box of enriched macaroni arrives in my pantry has altered the way human bodies process and break down food. Not that there are not other contributions to the increase in obesity and the difficulty in weight loss but I’ve noticed that many of my generation seem to have a harder time with losing the weight or keeping it off, especially if we grew up eating processed and GMO foods and have since switched to healthier more natural diets now. The generations and people who grew up eating home cooked meals and veggies from the garden may put on weight easily from the crap food we now have lining the shelves of the grocery store, but if they go back to eating healthy natural foods and working out than they lose the weight just as most doctors claim you will if you follow those practices. Meanwhile I gained 15lbs, and haven’t been able to lose any of it, since I stopped eating the crap and started working out regularly. The newest generation is either really skinny or obese, there isn’t the same numbers of “mid-range” kids anymore. I think when they started adding all these chemicals and modifying the genetic structure of our food it changed the way our growing bodies learned how to digest and utilize what we were putting into them. One friend who grew up on crap food went all natural for a while and gained weight, but now any time she tries to eat anything processed or GMO she gets so sick it makes her want to cry. I can’t have anything with hydrogenated oils of any kind without massive inflammation in my stomach. I wonder how many years it will take of eating natural (non GMO, non-processed) foods before my body learns how to work with them and allow me to lose weight again. I really feel like it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that a company would alter our food to ensure that eventually people can’t lose weight unless they eat super processed weight loss bars or GMO protein powders. I wish someone would do a comprehensive study to see how natural food from the time of infancy to adult hood changes the physical body vs processed and GMO foods. They would have to conduct the test on identical twins though, or clones. However it happens I really belive this needs to be investigated.

1am Pancakes

I was convinced to head out into the night to listen to a shitty band play at a local bar a couple min from my house tonight. I figured it beat watching Netflix while my husband played COD on the couch next to me. As promised the band was shitty and the company was mostly drunk. Still I did get to watch an 80 year old man dressed in a suit and sneakers dance his ancient heart out to the questionable rock? songs the middle aged band was jamming out. Eventually the shitty band was done for the night and the group of people I was sitting with disbanded. I started to walk back to my car when I passed a local legendary 24hr dive restaurant situated in an old railroad car. They were a greasy spoon to rival the best out there and they happen to have my favorite kind of savory pancakes. The lure was too great. Without thinking, I found myself veering across the street and into the tiny establishment. Before I could even be properly greeted I had ordered my single pancake and thrown some money down on the counter. The place was mostly empty except for a single booth in the back full of guys. Right as my pancake arrived in front of me, all golden and buttery, one of the men in the back booth started playing some music from his phone. The smooth tones of Rick James began to serenade me, telling me to “give it to me baby” and I smiled as I gave myself the first bite of delicious pancake. I don’t think a pancake has ever tasted as good to me as this 1am pancake and I doubt the single beer I drank over the course of 2 hours had anything to do with it. I think the pancake was as satisfying as it was because for the first time in a long time I wanted something and I didn’t deny myself it. I justify denying myself almost 95% of what I want. As a result I am often resentful or stressed out. I hope that I remember the joy of my little victory over self-deprecation, that the memory of that light and fluffy pancake will stay with me and remind me to indulge myself a bit more often. I’d like to have more positive experiences, be they at 1am or any other hour of the day/night.