Goodnight Government

Thanks to the self-absorbed close-minded children playing politicians in the House & Senate we have another government shut-down. I don’t think Congress deserves to still take home a paycheck while hardworking citizens are forced to work without pay when they (Congress) are the ones failing to do their job. If the health system hadn’t been so broken than Obama wouldn’t have pushed so hard to try and fix it. Sure Obamacare has its flaws but if you read the facts about it you would realize it isn’t the monster Republicans make it out to be. Stop fighting and DO BETTER or we’ll find others to replace you who will. Just like at any jobplace…everyone is replacable and there are plenty of unemplyed citizens who’d be happy to take your place.

Best Trip Yet!

Last night (after the mouse drama was over) husband came home to find me and lady friend in the kitchen making dinner. He was excited to show me a new beach cooler he had acquired. He insisted it meant we needed to plan a vacation to Florida. Lady friend, husband and I had all gone on an impromptu vacation a couple years ago and when she heard husband’s proclamation she started searching for available timeshares for the December month. Within 24 hours we have all gotten our time off approved, reserved a condo in Orlando, booked a flight and rented a car. We are even including another friend on the trip and have managed to find deals so good that we are each only responsible for paying $250 for our entire week-long stay. Since the trip is going to be so cheap we now have the financial freedom to plan some amazing activities that we wouldn’t normally be able to budget for. I can’t wait to see the Atlantic again, even the Gulf sunsets will be appreciated. I am so excited, it is great to have something to look forward to for several months!