Halloween Hysteria

First it was the threat of strangers snatching up your kids, then it was razor blades in the candy, now…well now the newest Halloween outrage (at least in my general area) is all about how a woman from the Fargo/Moorhead area is planning on refusing candy to certain kids she deems obese and instead giving out notes to the “fat” kids telling their parents to do better and modify their children’s diets to help them get their weight under control instead of sending them out to get more unhealthy edibles. I am all for more parents instilling good eating habits in their children, however handing a small kid a note telling them they appear to weigh too much to deserve a Snickers bar while their svelte friend is loading up on sweets isn’t going to convince anyone of anything other than that lady is an insensitive boob.


There is a better way strange lady and it doesn’t involve a passive aggressive note.

What Do You Love Today?

The way a foggy morning makes the whole world look different, the funny faces my cat makes as he humps a blanket, adding cinnamon to my coffee grounds to add flavor to the brew and the feel of my niece grabbing my hand to go for a walk.

What do you love today?