The Story of FLB

It started one rainy day back in 2005. My bff asked me to drive her to the Animal Humane Society because she wanted to get an orange tabby. As she stopped to admire some ginger kittens I kept strolling down the line of cages, curious to see which animals had ended up in a shelter in Coon Rapids. Suddenly my eyes locked with his…



Those intense blue eyes took my breath away. His cinnamon nose twitched and he inched over to the door of his cage as I moved closer to read his tag. He was a fully declawed, neutered 2 year old Siamese Tabby mix, relinquished because he didn’t get along with the dogs in the household. His big blue eyes stared at me, silently begging me to rescue him from the loud noises and unpleasant mixture of smells. I already had two lady cats at home, and I wasn’t looking to pick up another one. I found myself talking to him, trying to explain why I couldn’t take him with me. I tried to convince him (and myself) that he was too beautiful not be adopted soon, but a little voice inside my head told me that he was going to be my cat. My friend noticed I was down the aisle talking to a cat and came over to investigate. His attention turned from me to her and he zeroed in on her with his intense stare. She succumbed almost immediately and requested a private room to get to know this random feline. As soon as the worker brought him into the room the cat made a beeline for my friend and snuggled right in by her neck, put his paws on either side of her head and hugged her. We both “awwww’d” and she declared that she was going to adopt him, even if he wasn’t an orange tabby. She took him home and named him after a Japanese condiment. The love affair between them that started so sweetly in the visitation room ended pretty quickly once the cat was settled into her apartment. This furry little bastard (FLB) would act like he wanted to be affectionate then turn and bite for seemly no reason. He liked to hump a large stuffed dog in the middle of the night and wake her up doing it. He was a weird cat and after several years their time together drew to an end. She moved to another state and, knowing my affection for the cat, asked if I would watch him until she got settled in and could fly him out to her new residence. I still had two lady cats who I knew wouldn’t want me bringing a man into their territory so I asked my current boyfriend if he would put the cat up for awhile. He agreed and a few days later he met FLB for the first time.



The cat and boyfriend seemed to get along quite well from the start…except for the biting. FLB would bite boyfriend if he was given too much attention and boyfriend would just deal with it. Then came the message from my friend that it wasn’t going to work trying to have the cat shipped to her new home and she said she was just going to put an ad on Craigslist to find him a new home. When boyfriend heard this he got angry. He was convinced that anyone else that tried to own this cat would have him killed or surrender him to a shelter after the first vicious bite. I was pretty sure it was just that boyfriend had bonded with the cat, but I kept my mouth shut. This was my chance to finally own the cat I had seen in that cage years ago, even if it was vicariously though boyfriend. We told my friend that we would just keep the cat and shortly after I ended up moving my cats and I into boyfriend’s place. My oldest lady cat never did get along with him but since boyfriend turned into husband they weren’t really given any other option but to co-habitate. Husband finally found a way to keep FLB from biting by biting him back one day. Now those two are inseparable. FLB is definitely husband’s cat and they have a snuggle routine everyday that still melts my heart every time I see it. There is just something about this cat though, he’s got character, charisma and eyes that stare into your very soul…even if he is a furry little bastard.


12 thoughts on “The Story of FLB

  1. Your post reminded me of a pet squirrel we lived with for a few years. He was LB (little bastard) because he’d been abandoned by his mother. She’d built a nest in our attic and had her litter up there. In the spring she led the family out of the house, but LB couldn’t (or wouldn’t) make the trip through the window. We know all this because we watched the family parade through my son’s bedroom – which we’d built into the attic that winter. LB was happily domesticated and refused to go outdoors even at the age when he should have been going crazy looking for a girlfriend. We often wondered if Mom knew he was a little wrong in the head from the start!

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