Is It Too Much to Ask For?

At this point in my life all I want is a simple life, where we are relatively healthy, have some friends and family we can depend on and more money comes in than goes out. Instead my husband has health problems no one can seem to diagnose, he spends his entire pay check before I can use any of it to pay the bills and now he was rear-ended on the way to work where he got written up for  being late. I have to deal with being stuck in a stagnant position in a workplace full of people who are being mold poisoned which is not an easy thing to do. Not to mention I am starting to have anxiety about having to enter that building, even if it is only for a couple of hours each day, because the coughing that is triggered makes my throat taste like copper for hours after I head home. I feel stuck, I am treading water and people keep adding weights to my wrists. Sure I get stronger but at some point I will run out of energy and stamina and what happens then?


10 thoughts on “Is It Too Much to Ask For?

  1. You need to find another place of employment, that coughing and mold problems are no good!! I’m so sorry for the troubles you are experiencing. You need to make the change you would like to see in your world!! I know that is a quote from somewhere!!

    • I have been applying to any position I even remotely qualify for but maybe my building anxiety and desperation shows through on the interviews because so far I have had zero luck finding a new place to hire me even with my qualifications, solid work history and excellent reviews. If I was on my own I suspect I would be doing much better and have much less stress, but I took vows to stand by my husband for better or worse. I just didn’t expect that it would always be worse since pretty much the day we got married. I can’t solve his problems and he doesn’t seem to want to solve them (and when he solves one another two pop up) so either I give up on my marriage because he is struggling or I drown with him.

    • Thank you for the positive sentiment. I’ll get through it, I am just tired of life constantly shitting on me. If Karma exists I need it to step up and start sending some karmic retribution my way.

  2. That’s not too much to ask for – that should be the minimum for everyone! I hope things improve for you. Your company should be dealing with the mold issue, surely that is breaching ‘health and safety’ issues (not sure where in the world you are, and whether your country has such obligations in the work place). Your husband needs to sort out his spending, bills come first :/ At any rate, all the best for you, I hope things will improve soon and you find strength to cope through the hard times!

    • And now I have just seen your posts of the Mississippi, so disregard my statement of not knowing whereabouts you are in the world 🙂 Not familiar with the States’ policies on work safety though, surely there must be something in place?

    • I live in the US, in Minnesota actually, and I work for a company whose motto is “helping other live healthier lives” so I am pretty offended they don’t seem to care. To clarify my company doesn’t own the building we work in, and have elected not to renew their lease so we will all be moving to a brand new building in early 2014. However that doesn’t ease the suffering of the workers until that time. Problem is, you tell people they have mold posioning and they never believe you. I am beginning to suspect disbelief is a defense mechanism of the mold to keep people in the toxic environments longer. Whatever it is, I have been warned about reporting the issue to the health department although now that the government is back to work I am beginning to think I should do it anyway.

      • Ah sounds like a difficult situation to be in 😦 I think mold is one of those things where a lot of people don’t actually realise it can harm you. Well, I hope it gets sorted out for you! 2014 is still at least 2 months away :/

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