Scared of Love

Everyday I hear people complain about wanting love, they want to find someone to love them, they feel like their family doesn’t show them enough love etc. What I never hear them talk about is how much love they are willing to give back.

In some homes love is withheld, as such the children don’t learn to embrace it and give of it freely, instead it is something to be feared and to guard jealously, or to be used as a tool to control others. While teens may love with wild abandon, their first heartache teaches them that it also makes them vulnerable and many can never fully open their hearts again. Even with friends, people will keep their distance but feel hurt if others do the same. It is an age-long double standard.

We are scared that if we give out love we won’t get it back, or other people will use it to manipulate us. Love is knowledge and knowledge is power. Admitting to love gives power to others and that terrifies many people. We want love, but we are scared of it.

The thing is, by being afraid to give love to others we are still giving up our control, to fear. So what if someone doesn’t want to give you love back, it doesn’t mean you have wasted your time or efforts. This world is sorely in need of more love, unselfish love that has no hidden agenda. Just because you had parents who were so scared of losing control that they deprived you of love, learn from their mistakes and don’t pass that bad habit on to your own children. Teach other people who are scared to love just how much strength love can take and give back. I am so sick and tired of people letting fear control them. I would rather live in a world ruled by love.

3 thoughts on “Scared of Love

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