Indifferent to Humanity

10 Day Transformation

I am half way through the Purium 10 day transformation and I have to say I have never missed food as much as I do each new day I am on this stupid ten-day program. If I ever thought giving up gluten, dairy and then sugar was difficult it was nothing compared to being reduced to a strictly regimented configuration of amino acid tablets, ionic element drops and nutrient dense drink mixes. I miss real food, I miss chewing on things, I miss delicious flavor cascading across my tongue.

I agreed, and paid, to do this because this particular configuration of amino acid tablets, ionic element drops and nutrient dense drink mixes claims to reset your metabolism, re-train your body to avoid consuming your muscle as a fuel and helps remind your body it wants nutrients instead of empty calories. Money back guaranteed to lose 5-10 lbs in ten days and I took the bet. I figured what could I lose?

I should say that you are allowed a limited amount of “flex foods” a couple of times a day (organic apples, squash, spinach, almond milk and avocados) and never have I appreciated an apple, or some sautéed yellow squash as much as I have when they are the only solid food I am allowed. I am counting the minutes until my avocados ripen so I can savor them as well. The appreciation for food can only really be realized when you take it away for a prolonged period of time.

I started on Saturday and day one was pretty easy. Day two I was exhausted and completely out of it. I couldn’t even muster the energy to go medallion hunting and potentially lost out on the 10k prize since someone found it where I had previously been scouting the day before. Monday, day three, I wasn’t sure I could safely drive into work I felt so weak and loopy. Luckily my car wouldn’t start in the negative 40 degree wind chill so it wasn’t an issue. I started to feel a bit more normal on Tuesday, but then the desire to eat regular food started to really kick in. Wednesday my energy levels were completely back to normal, but it has been getting increasingly harder to stick to making only the 1/2 cup of squash allowed and I am now completely out of apples. I don’t know what I will do later today if I have no avocados ready to eat. I don’t want to cave now that I’ve made it this far. This is definitely not a program for the weak-willed.

Has anyone else ever done this program?

Late Night Hunting

The first winter I knew husband he introduced me to a Saint Paul tradition I had previously not known about. For those of you who don’t have the pleasure of living near the twin cities in MN allow me to explain about the creative endeavor that began in 1886 by local businessmen attempting to thwart the common misconception that MN in winter was akin to being in Siberia. They created the Saint Paul Winter Carnival, which has evolved over the years into a huge celebration that continues to inspire residents to venture forth from their warm homes into the snow-filled city each January to participate in the festivities. There are coronations, parades, ice sculpture contests, previously there used to be giant ice palaces built that people could wander through, they even created their own legend and of course, my favorite part…the medallion hunt.

The medallion hunt is an event sponsored by the Pioneer Press in which a small clear puck is hidden somewhere on public land in Ramsey county and one of the twelve clues are given out each night until someone finds it. Winner gets bragging rights and cold hard cash. The competition causes some rivalries, creates some new friendships and if nothing else, gets you out and traipsing through the snow to burn off some winter calories. To some it might sound like a horrible way to spend your days, or nights, but I still look back on that(my) first hunt fondly and now that husband is hurt I miss being able to go out hunting with him. I love trying to use logic to unravel the clues, I enjoy learning about the history of Saint Paul as I search out the meanings, I chuckle at some of the comments that pop up on the discussion boards and there is nothing like that rush of excitement as you are out hunting. The medallion hunt fills people with hope for those few days each year it is going on. It gives a purpose to time otherwise spent numbingly watching television.

Several years ago the long time clue writer was replaced and since then the clues have been far stretches and red herrings. An unwinnable hunt is no fun. Many have been frustrated by the tactical change and you no longer see as many people out in the parks on the early clues. This year the clue writer is either being so obvious in their park choice (as to be deciphered from the very first clue) or has spent much time picking a location that could be described in such a way as to pinpoint multiple locations just to keep people guessing and the hunt to go on as long as possible. The first two years I hunted you could figure it out if you were smart and you were willing to do a bit of research. Lately I feel like you just have to wait till the last couple of clues and hope no one stumbles on it before the clue writer is forced to tell you which location it is in. I feel like this clue writing frustration detracts from the fun of the hunt, yet another symptom of how our society is continuing to change for the worse. If one has to rely on red herrings to keep a hunt going than they must not be very secure in their ability to be clever.

I still plan on heading out yet again today to search a place that isn’t really on anyone’s radar. Maybe it will pan out, or maybe it will be a waste of time, I won’t know till it’s over. I do know that over the next few nights it will be extremely cold here again and I certainly hope that the medallion will stay safely hidden so that I will at least have a chance of looking for it come Tuesday night.