Manners, or Lack Thereof Daily Debate 6.9.14


Inevitably you will encounter people you don’t like. From grade school to graveyard you will be surrounded by people you’d rather not have to interact with but will be forced to spend time around. How you choose to handle it is up to you. I choose to be polite to others, it seems I am the exception, not the rule.

I’ve noticed in general that the concept of manners has been on the decline in public over the course of my life. People merge without blinkers or adequate room on the roads, causing you to swerve and slam your brakes. People cut in lines or grab items you were reaching for in stores. The concept of holding doors for others is all but gone. Guests in a home no longer show their host respect. Kids sass their teachers and refuse to pay attention in class. College students don’t even pretend…

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