Population Control Daily Debate 6.12.14


There are a lot of people inhabiting this planet right now, more people are born than are dying and as populations increase, resources are decreased. Eventually we’ll either need to find a new way to procure the supplies we need, a new planet to live on, or accept that we must be more responsible in regards to reproduction.

Years ago, in a college class, there was an assignment where we were asked to come up with a possible solution to help curb the growing population. Some people suggested another big war to kill off people, others talked about instituting legal limits on how many children you could have or forced birth control for all women and then there was me, with a solution that literally made the professor cringe.

I had suggested that all males are given a vasectomy when they are old enough to impregnate a woman. Vasectomies are reversible and a fairly…

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