Image: Wordless Wednesday



6 thoughts on “Image: Wordless Wednesday

    • It is a poison dart frog, but it was at the zoo so it might not actually be poisonous since it isn’t in its natural habitat and might not be ingesting the diet that would produce the toxins.

    • Thanks, this one kept struggling to get up on the leaf, almost fell a couple times but wouldn’t give up. I decided it’s a metaphor for my life, tightly clinging and determined not to let go…knowing eventually I’ll find myself on stable surfaces as long as I refuse to fall. Perfect for a wordless Wednesday even if no one else would see the picture the way I do.

      • There is a legend in Scotland (perhaps you have heard it) about Robert the Bruce who had been defeated by the English and was on the run. He hid in a cave and while he was there he watched a spider trying to make its web. It kept falling from the cave wall but wouldn’t give up and eventually managed to secure its silk to the wall and made its web. Robert took this to heart, rallied his army again and defeated the English at the Battle of Bannockburn.

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