What Do You Love Today?

That Rosh Hashanah is here once more and as always I will be taking time to reassess my priorities, to repair damaged relationships and reflect on how I can continue to change and grow over the upcoming year.                            ייתכן שיש לכולכם שנה טובה

What do YOU love today?

Trip’s Over, Back to Reality

While in Florida we took a trip down to the Keys. As we drove down we ended up in the middle of a tropical storm, torrential downpour and heavy winds slamming our Ford Explorer. Brother was driving, his white knuckles gripping the wheel did little to inspire confidence as I half silently had a panic attack in the backseat. We made it through the storm intact and got to our hotel in Key West shortly after 3pm.

It was a lovely hotel, I immediately fell asleep however. Brother and husband went exploring and ate a late lunch down by the pool that looks out over the ocean. Woke up in time to have husband whisk me off to sunset pier to try and get some sunset shots. Sadly the clouds were thick and the shots disappointed me. I was still pretty tired but we soon met up with husband’s old highschool friend T to head out on the town and see what Key West’s night life had to offer.

T insisted we check out the drag show and I have to admit one of the ladies? was a pretty spectacular acrobat and dancer. We wandered the streets after the performance was over but it didn’t seem like there was too much going on for a Sunday night so I asked husband to take me back to the hotel and brother opted to stay out at the bars with T. I went directly to bed so I could wake up early and try for a sunrise shot. It was the lamest sunrise I’ve ever seen and in retrospect it probably would’ve been more fun to just stay out partying with T.

Checked out a couple beaches and remembered how much I hate Key West beaches. Found a sea urchin and the ocean perch were trying to eat my water shoes, plus the water was pretty murky down there that day. Spent the last part of the afternoon at sunset pier one more time trying for a good sunset. It was pretty disappointing but there was still the hilarity of watching all the performers do their shows once the sun went down. Who doesn’t love watching cats jump through hoops of fire, after all?

Once night fell we headed back up to Miami, stopping along the way to have some fun with fireworks right before we hit seven mile bridge. It was a long drive back, all the hotels we wanted to stay at in Miami were booked so we ended up right back at our Deerfield hotel once more. I was just happy to tuck myself into a bed and hoped we could have one last day at the beach before we had to leave.

It pretty much rained the rest of our trip in FL but we did explore a nature preserve in Boca and I managed to continue the tradition and found a cannon jellyfish swimming near me on our last beach trip. I immediately overreacted and got the hell out of the ocean, freaking out the way I do when there’s a damn jellyfish a foot away from me. Husband and I followed it down the beach as it tried to fight the waves pushing it towards shore. He poked it with a stick and it was very much alive, he didn’t manage to kill it or get it out of the water so we just shouted a general warning about a live jellyfish to the people down the beach from us, none of whom seemed to care. At least this time I wasn’t stung.

We decided to start heading home Thursday, we took our time leaving FL though. Stopped for a bit in Daytona, which we’d never been to before. The beaches are very different up there than they are in south Florida. We couldn’t drive on the beach, but it was still nice to check it out. Ate at a shitty restaurant and then headed up the coast to St. Augustine. It’s a shame we didn’t get there till after dark, I think it’s a neat town and the fishing pier was interesting, though being out over the ocean at night gives me mixed feelings. Next time I’ll have to spend more time checking that town out.

We eventually left FL and headed into GA, slowly making our way to Ft. Campbell on the border of KY and TN to visit a cousin of husband’s. We stopped in TN to check out Lookout Mountain, though sadly we didn’t get to see Ruby Falls. It was a pretty scenic road up to the top, not nearly as scary as the Lincoln Tunnel was even though it was just as narrow. After that little sidetrack we soon met up with the cousin who showed us around the rather large military base. Nothing like getting to see a chinook up close right? Ate some dinner and continued our northwestern trip back to MN.

Another 13 hours in the car later I finally drove over the St. Croix River and back into the welcoming embrace of my home state, 20 minutes later I was unlocking my back door and greeting the kitties. My bed never felt so good, nor did my nice hot shower. It was good to be home but my vacation left me mentally exhausted and I came back to a pile of work shit to sort through, hence my lack of posts. I’ll get through all the pics soon though and then there will be plenty to see.