Image: How I Spend A Saturday Night

2014-10-14 16.16.03


14 thoughts on “Image: How I Spend A Saturday Night

    • They throw one heck of a zombie pub crawl over here, I’ve been going for years and each year I get more and more “dead” more decomposed. Each year more grotesque than the last. Same outfit tho.

    • Luckily my leg was feeling pretty much back to normal but I did end my night much earlier than the rest of my group so as not to re-aggravate anything. I think I just like the creative aspect of getting into character since I usually don’t find drunken crowds all that enjoyable anymore.

      • I’m pleased you’re feeling better. Yes – you get to a certain age when drunken crowds just seem so boring. I’m always the driver on nights out as I can’t drink because of medication and I’m amazed at the utter rubbish people who’ve had a lot of drink talk about.

      • Exactly! I often wonder at the patience bartenders/servers must have to deal with them night after night. I no longer want to join in now I stand off to the side and contemplate what they are missing from their life to seek out such an escape.

    • It was, but I must be getting old cause by midnight I wanted to be home in bed instead of watching drunk girls dancing like hoochies and the lecherous men who were staring at their assess.

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