Get Over Yourselves

Politicians who are unhappy with the actions taken by Obama regarding immigration are threatening to stop funding and cause another government shutdown or to remove the authority of the executive decision that he made last month regarding immigration.

With so many other, far more pressing, issues at hand in our broken system of government is it really in any American citizen’s best interest to have their petty representatives wasting time warring with one another over something that has already happened that isn’t going to hurt anyone?

I’m so fucking sick and tired of all the pig-headed bullshit that goes on with our elected officials. That barely 50%, if even that, of the voting population even bothered to go out and cast their choice in the last election is disgraceful. No one in office right now seems to care one bit about what the majority of average Americans want, they only care what their party, special interest groups and financiers want. They care only about things that will keep them in money and power.

Add to that is the message that the powers that be want us to all shut up and stay out of things that directly affect us, they want us to stop thinking and do what we’re told by the media, but that isn’t what American freedom is supposed to be about. I don’t want to think I can’t make a difference because I’m not rich and well-connected. That’s not the kind of world I want to raise a child in.

Everywhere I go I’m told to dumb it down, to stop asking questions, to not try so hard. I’m encouraged to make unhealthy choices and to have an excuse for making unwise decisions. Nothing is my fault and I should be offended by everything, except about how broken and corrupt our system is. I need to be ready and willing to be exploited and taken advantage of by companies and individuals alike and not feel like I should have the right to be treated with honesty, respect and dignity by those I employ. My only entitlement should be for products that I don’t need that I should preferably buy on credit and only make minimum payments on. I’m not supposed to remember that when one party is in office what they do is always acceptable but if the other party tries to do something similar they’re oppressing tyrants trying to act like supreme dictators. I’m not supposed to question the hypocrisy. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a parody of the book 1984.

It’s enough to make me want to move to another country but is there really anywhere better? It’s probably just as fucked up and broken all around the world. I know I’m not alone in my frustration over the lack of cooperation in my country’s government. I know I’m not the only person to think the whole system is broken. The problem is, how many people will it take to change things? What will it take to get the masses to stand up and demand real change, real progress and real improvement?

I don’t yet have a viable answer but I do know that nothing will change if we all just sit back and keep accepting the shitty behavior of our elected officials. Things will never improve if the politicians won’t pull their heads out of their asses and stop thinking they know what’s best for this country and that they are actually representing the majority opinion. They might as well all be naked douchebags parading around thinking they’re wearing the finest clothes their corporate sponsors can buy for all the good they do for America. Put the egos aside and start thinking about the greater good instead of the greater profit.




10 thoughts on “Get Over Yourselves

  1. Whew! You are on a roll today DBA. Ha! Love it. Yes, you are right the elected officials are “unintentionally” forming a class separate from the voters. The drafters of the Declaration of Independence anticipated this. If you read it, it says quite clearly that when the government stops acting in the best intersts of the people , that the people not only have the right, but the obligation to remove the governement and replace it with a government of and for the people. There was apparently some discussion around this point when the DI was written and the general feeling was that as dangerous as that statement was – obviously for treasonous reasns – that the people would most likely let the situation grow well past the reasonable until they took action against the government.

    Socrates made it clear 2,500 years ago in the Republic, that this would happen eventually to any capitalist democracy. It comes from/leads to the polarization of wealth as more and more wealth is owned by fewer and fewer people and eventually those with power would appoint a dictator to protect their wealth. That is what the DI is addressing. Many statesmen/women have also seen this coming and a few have said so. I believe it was Roosevelt who said that it sometimes takes a revolution and the spilling of blood to keep a society fair and just. Mind you this sentiment is not widely stated as it is perilously close to treason – by the thinking of the government.

    Honestly apathy prevents any such occurrence so far. But the situation will worsen. Mind you I’m talking over centuries, not tomorrow. And bear in mind that for people to rise up they must have nothing left to lose – and right now they still have enough left to lose to not take any action that would lose what they have.There are steps that can be taken to moderate this unbalanced accumulation of wealth such as mandatory profit sharing in all companies,etc. But those steps to reign in capitalism will be fought all the way by those in power and will be called un-American. After all market driven economics are God, aren’t they? I believe that capitalism is one of the best economic systems humans have invented, but it needs to be controlled or it runs rampant over the weaker of the society. Democracy has the unfortinate side effect of embracing the “me” attitude – as one votes for what is best for one personally. Hence “me” becomes more and more important in such a society. This reinforces the accumulation of wealth by allowing everyone to act in their own best interests and opposed to the greater good. This effect too, can be ameliorated by instituting minimum standards of life and with other initiatives that encourage acts that are for the greater good. Again there is time to do this but the will is and always will be lacking short of a revolution.

    Anyway a lot of words to say that you are right DBA and the problem is bigger than the elected representatives. And the same issue is facing all countries organized similarly.

    Nice Rant though – keep up the good work. Ha! šŸ˜€

    • Thank you, I really enjoyed and appreciated your thoughtful response. It is a frustrating experience to be in the middle of this “democracy” ride. I was not around to experience the joy and thrill of the beginning, when there was so much hope. I, most likely, won’t be around for the revolution. Therefore I must sit here and either choose apathy or choose constant reprimand and punishment for my outcry for justice. It’s a shame the world is in a lose lose situation at the hands of a concept. We all need to get over ourselves.

      • As i said – it does not HAVE to come to revolution – if we change our behaviour we can make it more equitable and avoid a revolution. But the chances of that are low. You know, this cycle as a concept is not uncommon. For instance the planet started out as an uninhabitable ball of molten metals and will end up as a cold lifeless rock – and we get live on it for a while in between. We are born and we die and we get to live life inbetween. Most things natural have this cycle. Which would bring me to a third option in addition to the two you have mentioned. Grace. Be happy with the opportunity you have to enjoy life and grow and speak your mind and make a difference. For all the things it is not, America IS one of the freest coutries in the world – maybe too free in some areas (i.e. gun control).

  2. Well said! I also applaud your commenter. Things aren’t much different in other democracies. The selfish ‘me’ society is taking over. Our government in the UK is mainly made up of very rich people who have never had to go without anything. Many of them studied Politics or Economics at University and have gone straight into a job in politics. They don’t know a thing about real people and the real world. Members of parliament dare not speak their own mind about anything; they have to toe the party line or face punishment.

    • I suspect that anyone who gets into politics over in the U.S. that actually does understand what average citizens want are quickly squashed down and forced to bend to the will of their respective parties as well. There are a very small number who understand how the game is played and try to find ways to accomplish as much good as they can get away with before anyone notices but eventually their efforts are discovered and they become the target of slander and lies to push them out of office. Such a sad state of affairs.

      • I used to live in a province of Canada called New Brunswick. We had all the same problems with politicians until one day a young lawye decided to run for Premiere. He said up front that he would stay in office for only 10 years and then he would leave. He was unbelievably amazing. He kept all his promises, he built roads, he was completely honest and he increased the value of the economy like never before. It is a poor province and it needed a major 4-lane to help the economy. We did not have the money, so he built it using investors money and put a toll on it. He said that the toll would only be used to reduce the debt and when the debt was paid the toll would be removed. And a few years later he did exactly that, he tore down the toll booths. They did an audit on his government and could not find one dime misappropriated. In fact they audited expenses and found that when he needed to keep his caucus or a committee late into the evening, he actually sent down the street to the local pizza parlor and bought pizza and soda instead of having caterers in. At the end of 10 years- to the day – he reisgned. All the following politicians were just regular politicians.

        My point being that there are real honest uncorruptable people out there who can be honest politicians. All we have to do is find them.

      • Oh he sounds like a delightful fairytale or urban legend. I would love to see a politician like that take office over here and actually have the authority to do those things. The closest we’ve come to is Paul Wellstone (he died in a mysterious plane crash after his last re-election) Jesse Ventura tried to be an effective governor but since he was an independent both the major parties blocked him at every turn and I’d like to think that Al Franken is doing about as good a job as possible under the circumstance but over here it’s next to impossible to find anything enough people will agree on to get it passed. I’d love to take the corruption challenge and I’d like to think I’d pass it if ever given the opportunity to have enough power to effect real change in society. Oh well, we’ll see what the future has in store.

      • Yes it is very sad. It used not to be the case. I am sure that there were once independent politicians who went into politics because they cared what happened to their country. They were respected and were allowed to do what they could. Oddball politicians were allowed to have a say too and were also tolerated. We have all become very fearful and anyone who is slightly different is pushed out. Your mention of 1984 is very apposite.

  3. Very well said! I’ve written letters to my representatives. I don’t even think I can add more to what you wrote, and the comments which followed. `

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