Blast From the Past

Got to go see the movie “Labyrinth” in a local microcinema on Sunday evening, it was a childhood favorite of mine and it didn’t disappoint. It also wrapped up the four run of movies staring David Bowie over the month of December and I couldn’t think of a better one to end on than the story of a generous and clever leader of misfits who grants the wish of a spoiled young brat then forces her to become a better person when she acts ungrateful for the favor. Pretty sure it was also a metaphor for drug use but that was probably most 80s movies.

Labyrinth – Magic Dance – David Bowie:

5 thoughts on “Blast From the Past

    • Yeah, very different rolls. Although The Man Who Fell To Earth” was interesting, it was also long and sometimes disjointed. Bowie got way more screen time in it but didn’t quite have the same commanding presence. I feel like he was more sober for Labyrinth and it made a positive difference.

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