Dulled Blade

A year later and the pain of losing you still grips me unexpectedly. Your best friend still asks about you to her mother, she may be young but she hasn’t forgotten you. Your father has vowed to never have another child, he can’t bear the thought of enduring this kind of heartache again. Your grandparents are shells of their former selves. The world is not a better place for having you gone. We are not better for having lost you. Time may dull the blade of grief, but dull blades can cause just as much pain as sharp ones.

What’s Going Right With You Today?

Fun socializing events, sore muscles equaling a good workout, found out my old work walking partner is coming back to my building, all the cash and no hangover!

What’s right with YOU today?

What Do You Love Today?

Early morning weddings, drinking (non-alcoholic) wine at 8am, celebratory breakfasts, quinoa in an omelette, dancing to loud music in the morning while I get ready for the day and the funny faces you get when you pause video.

What do YOU love today?

Where’s Our Revolution?

Whatever happened to the “Occupy” movement? #Blacklivesmatter? I feel like there could definitely be more hope&change happening…yet the only thing I see changing is the faces of reality TV stars and the daily lies being spewed on media types across the board. I’m losing hope that everyday people will stand up and see through the bullshit.

Every single day I see a new article or news story informing me of a new stall tactic on a piece of important legislature, or some shady backdoor shenanigans regarding foreign relations. No one wants to work with anyone else to compromise and keep things moving. Bickering and name calling that imply the level of maturity amongst our national representatives is akin to 5 year olds instead of grown adults. Everywhere the taint of special interests and corporations lies heavily upon the suggested laws drafted and fought over. Sore losers and uneasy winners fill our government because they are treating things like it’s a game and not real people’s lives that are impacted as a result of the actions they take. Grown-ups, in appearance only, playing at government with no one stepping in to say “THIS IS NOT OK!”

What is it going to take for people to finally stand up and say “enough is enough” to finally take action and refuse to let our county’s leaders do as they please with no regard to the effects of their behavior on the reputation of this country and the people who reside in it? How many lies will Americans swallow before they decide it isn’t ok that no one can trust a politician? Why are we so complacent with letting trust become a thing of the past? Don’t people realize that a country without trust is a country ripe for takeover?

Where’s our revolution?

What’s Right With You Today?

Spending quality time with husband, ate out for breakfast, putting money in the bank, baking more cupcakes, relatively calm day and the ability to be lazy on a weekend for once.

What’s right with YOU today?