Just A Little Bit of Effort

“People do strange things when they’re judged all the time, instead of loved”

Humans are creatures of habit. Humans like to develop bad habits. Bad habits can lead to miserable lives and relationships. Once stuck in a revolving cycle to poor choices and unhelpful behavior it can be almost impossible to reassert kindness and healthy actions as the habit. Impossible, that is, unless people are willing to exert just a little bit of effort.

For years there has been a strain on one of my most important relationships. It wasn’t a strain I could fix on my own and I needed the other party to stop playing the blame game and start putting in just a little bit of effort to repair all the damage done by bad habits. Lately it seems that other person has decided I’m worth the effort after all and things have been awesome.

Suddenly conversations come easy, the company is desirable and anxiety is down significantly. It is amazing what that little change has created. It inspires me to do better. Healthy habits in others inspire healthy habits in yourself. Respect given is reciprocated. All is right with the world and your day opens up. I’m finding myself inspired and I haven’t felt that way in a long, long time.

A little bit of effort can make the biggest changes.


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