Sex Crimes Against Penguins, wtf

It’s a well-known and not talked about enough atrocity that permeates the planet. Every second countless people find themselves assaulted sexually and it isn’t a new trend. I don’t think I know a single adult person who hasn’t had to experience (in varying degrees) some type of unwanted sexual advancement, touch or assault of some kind. That is not ok at all.

Apparently humans aren’t the only ones who have the capacity to rape another being. While I am in no way trying to detract from the human to human rape issue or make light of rape at all, I recently discovered that there have been multiple documented cases of undeniable rape in the animal world as well.

I understand that in the animal kingdom the female of the species doesn’t usually get a say in which male is going to mount her, plenty of animals just don’t care who is fertilizing their eggs and most don’t copulate for fun. However, there is now documented proof that the need to show dominance through sex isn’t limited to insecure people.

Awhile back there were numerous stories that came out about scientists videotaping arctic seals repeatedly raping penguins. Not making this up…it’s a thing. More disturbing than just reading about it are the videos which tame down the title to “mating” instead of calling it what it is, a sexual violation of a helpless penguin.

When did cross-species raping become a practice? How long has this been going on, what has changed? Seals usually eat penguins, when did they figure out they could stick their dicks inside of them? Did one seal accidentally fall on top of a penguin and decided it was awesome, then went back and told all his friends? Are we going to start seeing seals gang raping penguins, seriously this is not ok either.

The planet is clearly more damaged than we know. The capacity to inflict pain on another for purposes other than defense isn’t limited to humans. That isn’t a comforting thought.

What’s Right With You Today?

Got up early for my 5th American Heart Association Heart Walk 5k, easy breakfast with hubby, caught up with friend, about to hit up the art crawl and a new Greek restaurant.

What’s right with YOU today?

Stating The Obvious

After the recent arrests of 6 young men who had been planning on leaving MN to join ISIS there has been an outcry for more money to fight against the recruitment of Americans for foreign terrorist groups. The state wants about $250k in additional funding so they can figure out why anyone would want to go join terrorists and how they can prevent it.

I should ask them to just hand the money over to me because I can easily tell you why these men wanted to go join ISIS and why it’s becoming easier and easier to recruit Americans. I can even tell you how to fix the problem. The issue there is that they aren’t going to like what I say.

People tend to seek change in their life when they are unhappy or dissatisfied with an aspect of it. When your needs are being fulfilled you’re not going to jeopardize that. Those 6 young men looked around at the broken government, blatant hypocrisy and dangerous lack of standards that permeates America and found nothing to inspire loyalty. Working hard, getting an education and being honest gets you nowhere, or at best it gets you just above the poverty level. The only way to get ahead in this country, if you aren’t born into wealth, is to cheat the system through lies, theft or other illegal means. America’s moral compass has been damaged, no one is repairing it. We’ve pandered to the lowest common denominator and now sit there and wonder why more and more people have become disillusioned.

You want to stop Americans from being recruited you have to be able to offer them something better. Look at it like a business. If you want to keep your customer base or talented employees you have to treat them with respect. You have to provide them with quality goods/services or adequate pay/benefits. Your focus has to be on more than just your profit margin. Customers and employees who feel valued are the ones who are going to stay loyal.

Citizens who feel like they matter to their government, who feel like their government is being honest with them and providing them with quality services and fair & effective leadership will take pride in their country. They will defend their country. They will not abandon their country and join groups of angry disillusioned weapon wielding power hungry deep seated insecure unfixable crazyfaces. Just isn’t in the human nature to do so.

If you want to stop your enemies/competition from stealing away your citizens/customer base than you have to DO BETTER and BE BETTER. Stop bickering amongst yourself. Stop wasting tax payer money on frivolous things. Stop treating people differently based on the color of their skin, gender identification and income level. Stop lying all the time about everything. Stop with the ego trips. Stop thinking you don’t owe anyone anything. Stop hiding behind religious opinions to justify your right to be an asshole. Start realizing that your actions have long lasting and far reaching impacts on the entire population. Start understanding that we do not have infinite chances to get things right. Start holding people accountable for their shitty behaviors. Start prioritizing education instead of sports stadiums. Start embracing the undeniable truth of our collective situation and start taking the necessary (and very hard) steps to start fixing things instead of sitting there with your fingers in your ears going “lalalalalala, I can’t hear you” all the damn time.

Re-brand America and make it a country people can be proud of living in again. Make it a country where people can succeed if they work hard and get educated. Do that and you won’t have to worry about terrorists recruiting so many of your citizens.

Now, where’s my $250,000?

What Do You Love Today?

Reuniting with an old co-worker who’s come back and all the walks/talks that come with it, husband forgiving me for contributing to his maiming over the weekend, cake that tastes like 400 years of oppression and rediscovering uplifting 80’s anthems.

What do YOU love today?