Stating The Obvious

After the recent arrests of 6 young men who had been planning on leaving MN to join ISIS there has been an outcry for more money to fight against the recruitment of Americans for foreign terrorist groups. The state wants about $250k in additional funding so they can figure out why anyone would want to go join terrorists and how they can prevent it.

I should ask them to just hand the money over to me because I can easily tell you why these men wanted to go join ISIS and why it’s becoming easier and easier to recruit Americans. I can even tell you how to fix the problem. The issue there is that they aren’t going to like what I say.

People tend to seek change in their life when they are unhappy or dissatisfied with an aspect of it. When your needs are being fulfilled you’re not going to jeopardize that. Those 6 young men looked around at the broken government, blatant hypocrisy and dangerous lack of standards that permeates America and found nothing to inspire loyalty. Working hard, getting an education and being honest gets you nowhere, or at best it gets you just above the poverty level. The only way to get ahead in this country, if you aren’t born into wealth, is to cheat the system through lies, theft or other illegal means. America’s moral compass has been damaged, no one is repairing it. We’ve pandered to the lowest common denominator and now sit there and wonder why more and more people have become disillusioned.

You want to stop Americans from being recruited you have to be able to offer them something better. Look at it like a business. If you want to keep your customer base or talented employees you have to treat them with respect. You have to provide them with quality goods/services or adequate pay/benefits. Your focus has to be on more than just your profit margin. Customers and employees who feel valued are the ones who are going to stay loyal.

Citizens who feel like they matter to their government, who feel like their government is being honest with them and providing them with quality services and fair & effective leadership will take pride in their country. They will defend their country. They will not abandon their country and join groups of angry disillusioned weapon wielding power hungry deep seated insecure unfixable crazyfaces. Just isn’t in the human nature to do so.

If you want to stop your enemies/competition from stealing away your citizens/customer base than you have to DO BETTER and BE BETTER. Stop bickering amongst yourself. Stop wasting tax payer money on frivolous things. Stop treating people differently based on the color of their skin, gender identification and income level. Stop lying all the time about everything. Stop with the ego trips. Stop thinking you don’t owe anyone anything. Stop hiding behind religious opinions to justify your right to be an asshole. Start realizing that your actions have long lasting and far reaching impacts on the entire population. Start understanding that we do not have infinite chances to get things right. Start holding people accountable for their shitty behaviors. Start prioritizing education instead of sports stadiums. Start embracing the undeniable truth of our collective situation and start taking the necessary (and very hard) steps to start fixing things instead of sitting there with your fingers in your ears going “lalalalalala, I can’t hear you” all the damn time.

Re-brand America and make it a country people can be proud of living in again. Make it a country where people can succeed if they work hard and get educated. Do that and you won’t have to worry about terrorists recruiting so many of your citizens.

Now, where’s my $250,000?


14 thoughts on “Stating The Obvious

  1. This is the most articulate synopsis I’ve seen on the current state of our culture. It should be shared with everyone in the hopes that it gets into the heads of all who need to realize what they’re doing. Much as I think I do the best I can, I’m not totally innocent myself. Let’s all take one step today toward fixing our society.

  2. Oh DBA, you are sooooo right. Absolutely perfect. bang on. Couldn’t have said it better myself. i’m Canadian and we are having a similar problem. We are losing young adults pretty regular now to ISIS (numbers only in the dozens so far, but increasing) for exactly the reasons you enumerated. You have actually inspired me to write a guest post about this as, believe it or not, I ran across this while trucking many years ago and it scared me then (at the time it was the Soviet Union they wanted to move to). In a nut shell i ran into a young man in New Hampshire at a freezer who was helping me unload and we chatted while we worked. he pointed out exactly what you have said and added that he could not see how he could ever afford health care, he could never hope to work hard and attain a home or any level of wealth. He saw the lying, the stealing, the broken promises, the inability to trust the government or any one wealthy, the lack of purpose (short of getting wealthy), the failure of democracy to produce any long term benefits due to the 4-year re-election periods, the lack of ethics, the degradation of morality and honor, etc. And, as the young will do, he stated that it could not be any worse in the Soviet Union and could only be better. It was his intention to defect to the USSR and he was making solid plans to do that within a short and defined time frame. I was flabbergasted at the time and tried to dissuade him – although I was only about 5 years older than him, I was not naive enough to believe that it would be any better anywhere else. I left when I was done and never got back there to see if he followed through. he had cited numerous personal experiences that had driven his decision and he made a good argument – one that could only be countered weakly by objecting that the unknown likely wasn’t any better, a very weak argument with no basis in reality.

    Excellent rant DBA – and not only will no one of power believe you, they could make a case that you are treasonous by questioning your government. And did you know that the very founders of America outlined precisely this problem in the Declaration of Independence – they saw it coming as inevitable (actually Socrates predicted the same outcome of a democracy some 2,500 years ago). And in the Declaration they say very clearly that when the government ceases to serve the people that it is not only the right, but the obligation of the people to remove that government and install one that will serve the people.

    Anyway, excellent post – thank you for your bravery in saying so.

    • I’m flattered to have inspired you to post on this topic. I hope the government isn’t so insecure that they’d think me treasonous for pointing out obvious opportunities for improvement, especially considering they’ve given a pass to all those gop senators. Nothing will change if too many people keep their heads buried. Money and power are nice but arbitrary and won’t save someone if the planet is no longer capable of supporting life.

    • Thank you, not everyone I’ve discussed this with agrees on the matter which I expected but still surprised me in a way. It’s funny how I never fully get used to all the different perspectives people have on the same topic. Maybe that’s another contributing factor to society’s decline…too many different versions of “reality” all fighting for legitimacy.

      • What always surprises me is when someone who disagrees with me resorts to name calling instead of having a civil conversation. It doesn’t hurt to hear opposing views, one might learn something they hadn’t considered.

  3. Very true. The same thing is happening here in Canada & I’m personally fed up with the government who isn’t listening to its people. People here are getting mighty mad. So tired of politicians who think that being a politician doesn’t mean helping make the country better. It’s time things changed.

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