Sex Crimes Against Penguins, wtf

It’s a well-known and not talked about enough atrocity that permeates the planet. Every second countless people find themselves assaulted sexually and it isn’t a new trend. I don’t think I know a single adult person who hasn’t had to experience (in varying degrees) some type of unwanted sexual advancement, touch or assault of some kind. That is not ok at all.

Apparently humans aren’t the only ones who have the capacity to rape another being. While I am in no way trying to detract from the human to human rape issue or make light of rape at all, I recently discovered that there have been multiple documented cases of undeniable rape in the animal world as well.

I understand that in the animal kingdom the female of the species doesn’t usually get a say in which male is going to mount her, plenty of animals just don’t care who is fertilizing their eggs and most don’t copulate for fun. However, there is now documented proof that the need to show dominance through sex isn’t limited to insecure people.

Awhile back there were numerous stories that came out about scientists videotaping arctic seals repeatedly raping penguins. Not making this up…it’s a thing. More disturbing than just reading about it are the videos which tame down the title to “mating” instead of calling it what it is, a sexual violation of a helpless penguin.

When did cross-species raping become a practice? How long has this been going on, what has changed? Seals usually eat penguins, when did they figure out they could stick their dicks inside of them? Did one seal accidentally fall on top of a penguin and decided it was awesome, then went back and told all his friends? Are we going to start seeing seals gang raping penguins, seriously this is not ok either.

The planet is clearly more damaged than we know. The capacity to inflict pain on another for purposes other than defense isn’t limited to humans. That isn’t a comforting thought.

9 thoughts on “Sex Crimes Against Penguins, wtf

  1. Your line – “The planet is clearly more damaged than we know” says it all. Over population (at least of humans) contributes to all this too. A good post 🙂

    • According to several news articles on it the scientists claim there was evidence of force (bleeding) and video evidence of the Penguins trying to get away. Considering the seals are predators of the Penguins I doubt they see a seal coming and think “yay!” The whole thing left me feeling very disturbed/unsettled.

  2. WTF Friday – dobetteralways

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