Convenia Is Dangerous

Husband brought our cat into the vet today because he had an oozing wound near his rectum that turned out to be a ruptured anal gland. The vet said he’d need antibiotics and offered oral for 10 days or a single shot. She said the only difference was price. Husband opted for the shot since this cat is a biter. No sooner had he gotten our cat home than he noticed the cat panting, eyes got glassy and he ran and hid in our closet where he put his head against the wall and began to have a seizure. Husband scooped up his limp body and put him back in the carrier and drove him back to the vet.

Vet didn’t seem to believe the cat had a seizure and told us (I had just arrived from work) that she highly doubted the shot of Convenia she’d given our cat would’ve caused a seizure. I googled the drug and it states in multiple places that this drug is known to cause seizures as well as anaphylaxis, anemia and death amongst other things. This particular drug also stays in your pet’s system for 65 days so if they have an adverse reaction there’s little you can do about it.

My cat seems a bit more alert now than he was after the seizure but he’s clearly still not doing ok. I wish I would’ve been consulted or that husband would’ve been told more about convenia before anything was administered to our cat. This could’ve been avoided and I really didn’t appreciate the vet’s unconcerned attitude about the whole thing. If my cat dies from this shot heads will roll.

29 thoughts on “Convenia Is Dangerous

  1. Oh no! Poor kitty, and you and DH for having to go through this. Yes, the Vet should have given you more info and been more sympathetic.

  2. I really hope your cat will be alright. Your vet should have pointed out the dangers of the drug. I wonder if she got the dose wrong? And she should believe you when you tell her your cat had a seizure!
    My old dog TJ had to have 3 injections of Convenia – but he had a serious infection – mrsa – and any treatment was going to be severe.
    Animals are pretty good at recovering, so I hope your cat is doing better very soon.

    • He’s been hiding a lot, altering between bouts of lethargy and fits of agitation. Yeah the vet never mentioned any side effects of convenia, just said it would cost a tiny bit more than pills. I was pissed she looked me in the eye and told me seizures weren’t a known side effect and tried to imply my cat got into something at the house. He’s so miserable that it’s making me miserable to not be able to help him.

      • That would make me mad too! Obviously your cat reacted to the Convenia. The vet needs to own up, and make a note for future occasions.
        I can’t think what else to do for your cat, except keep him quiet if possible, and maybe a hot water bottle or such in his bed? Fingers crossed.

      • We finally got him to eat and the food seemed to cause him to freak out all over again and he’s gotten intermittently twitchy…ugh this sucks. Thank you for your support.

      • Aw no. 😦 I was wondering also about the initial infection of his anal glands, cos that would make him pretty sick too. I would have thought a penicillin-type antibiotic would have been fine! Is there a different vet you could speak to at the place? Poor little thing!
        I don’t really know for cats, but when my dogs are sick I find just a little boiled rice and chicken is easy on the stomach.
        I hope he clears the drug and infection from his system soon.

      • Thank you, I hope so too. I plan on calling a different place soon to see if they’ve experienced cats having bad reactions to convenia. He wouldn’t eat cat food but did consent to eating straight tuna. I have some canned chicken as well I may offer forth. He’s been resting most of the morning.

  3. Awww, poor cat. It so saddens me to see animals suffer. They don’t understand what is happening. The vet is an idiot for denying the side effects. If she didn’t know, she should have at least looked it up. I would change vets. Realistically DBA, one has to take the word of a professional until such time as they are proven wrong (which your vet was). I too would have gone with the shot – giving medication to a cat for an extended time is problematic. They are smart and will avoid food with meds ground in and I’ve seen our cats, take the pill and them spit it out when you’re not watching. Ha! I hope you cat gets well son DBA.

    • Thank you. Yeah this would not have been an easy cat to medicate but now that I know what could happen I’ll never authorize that shot. It’s also annoying that the US doesn’t want to admit all the side effects drugs have and you have to look up listed reactions in foreign markets…such a disservice to Americans just up keep profiting off of dangerous or unhealthy things.

      • Here in Canada it gets a bit overwhelming. All side effects have to be declared. It is scary. There is an insert in all aspirin containers that lists pages of potential side effects up to and including death from improper use. One great thing is that as I get older, my eye sight is not as sharp and i can no longer read the fine print on these disclaimers. That is a relief. Ha!

  4. Man, I hate to hear this. Our pets are family and this vet needs to be run out of town on a rail. What kind of vet doesn’t know the side effects of drugs he/she administers? And then cops an attitude about it? Wow.


    • Well her only education about it was what the pharmaceutical company said in their pamphlet and since they aren’t required to list side effects found in foreign markets they won’t so this vet thought the worst that would happen was vomiting or diarrhea. She didn’t believe me because she called the drug company’s help line and they told her their drug wouldn’t cause seizures. I had to show her multiple reputable sources citing all the actual dangerous side effects before she even pretended to take us seriously. In her head I’m sure she thought we were just hysterical drama mongers freaking out about nothing. That particular view that many medical providers have towards patients is the most dangerous thing of all.

  5. Oh the poor cat. I hope your cat gets better. I don’t know if you believe in reiki but I can send some to him. I’ve read how other vets have prescribed other medications & one cat ended up with constant seizures. The poor thing was in such constant pain their owners had to put her to sleep. It’s amazing how little vets really know about the medicines they use.

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