What’s Right With You Today?

Woke up in a fantastic mood, got to eat lemon blueberry muffins for breakfast, no one stole any of the 9cyrds of dirt currently mounded up on my driveway, my pea plants have doubled in size over the last two days and we’re on track to accomplishing most of our weekend “to-do” list.

What’s right with YOU today?


10 thoughts on “What’s Right With You Today?

  1. Nice list. Sounds like you guys are getting a lot done this Spring. I have a short list…..I’m looking forward to sleeping in my own bed soon.

  2. Dialysis went perfect (or as perfect as possible) last night. I came home (technically it was today since it was after midnight 🙂 ) and wrote a letter to a friend and sent it. I went to bed at about 2 am and didn’t wake up until 9:45 this morning – I haven’t slept 7 hours straight for more than 5 years. feels amazing. not sure what happened but am enjoying it. I unexpectedly received $20 yesterday so I bought some bread and milk on the way home and had toast and perked coffee for breakfast this morning. Very enjoyable. I wrote one guest post and sent it off, i pondered another that I had sent yesterday and exchanged e-mails with the blogger. The post is long and awkward and I told her to not publish it – it is not readable. She has not read it all yet – that was part of the issue, I was uncertain to start with and she said she started reading and would finish later – that was sure evidence to me it was not drawing readers in. Anyway, it ended up that she will read it all and let me know. All is good. We shall see. I am prepared to replace it.

  3. Despite being on a ‘sick day’ from work to tend to my sick bubba, today was great as we were able to have a lazy sleep in til nearly lunch time. It was pretty awesome!

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