What Do You Love Today?

Sea salt GF crackers from Aldi, temps nearing 80, the MK flats I bought that are super comfortable, adding blueberries to my shake, husband cooking for me, a semi-organized garage and fully organized closet, cubicle dancing and finally being able to stop taking allergy meds.

What do YOU love today?


11 thoughts on “What Do You Love Today?

  1. Building manager called today and is going to move me Saturday to a newer bigger unit for the same rent because of the roof leaking in my unit. He is supplying the movers as I cannot lift much. Dialysis went OK and I feel much better. Saw my blood work results and realized that all numbers were in range – which was a relief because the doctor was giving me heck for poor control of medication and nutrition, rat bastard. I’ve had issues with him before and we just tolerate each other. (Some numbers are bottom or top of acceptable range – but still within range.)The biggest concern right now is my ionized calcium level ( a complex measurement that connects to calcium distribution to bones and joints) that is negatively affected by dialysis. It is measured with a comparative scale where 1.0 is normal. Mine has been too low and I have had joint problems and such . Today it was 1.00 – absolutely perfect. Take that you dastardly doctor! ha! Oh, I went grocery shopping and picked up (amongst other things) an astronaut chicken. That is a hot precooked BBQ chicken that comes in a plastic container that is clear on top and black on bottom making it look like a space helmet – hence the nickname.Normally they are too expensive but this store had a “mega” chicken (extra large at double the weight of the normal chicken) on special after 3 pm ( it was 2:30 pm at checkout). I asked the clerk if I could get it at the after 3 price of $7.49 vs the normal price of $10,99. She called the manager and I explained that I traveled by handicap bus and could not get a later time (they are very booked up between 3 pm and 6 pm as people return from work). He gave me the chicken for $7.49 – $3.50 off. Ha! I’m starting to see that i can get some advantage from my disability. (one of the issues with dialysis patients is that larger amounts of protein are required and protein is expensive). I had a good sleep after dialysis and am sitting here enjoying drinking perked coffee and reading your blog. (with a hot chicken sandwich for breakfast – πŸ˜€ )

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