So It Begins

Since my husband has a habit of offering up our home to other people to live in, or stay for extended periods of time, I felt it was only fair that when my brother asked if he could move in and contribute to the monthly bills he should be allowed to do so.

Husband expressed some misgivings but considering he has had 3 friends live with us over the years, and let that family stay in our basement for several months, he really couldn’t tell me I wasn’t allowed to offer the same option to my brother. We arranged for my brother to move in starting in July and I thought that was the end of it.

Not two days later husband informed me that his cousin would be staying with us for the summer and will be moving in in 2 days. Suddenly my relaxing weekend is full of cleaning and soundproofing what was my exercise room. Rock wool is a very itchy material to work with and I did not envy my husband having to crawl between the floors amongst the truss system to lay strips of said wool on the top of the drywall ceiling that separates my bedroom from the room upstairs. Not to mention that it isn’t cheap for all that material.

Did I mention husband’s cousin is a 19 year old. My brother is 24. I’m used to being the only girl in a house full of boys but I’ve never been so vastly outnumbered before. It will be a summer to remember.


8 thoughts on “So It Begins

  1. Whew, keeping those toilet seats down is going to be problematic this summer. 😀 May the force be with you DBA.

  2. Oh boy. So your husband informed you and didn’t ask if it was okay? I would get mighty pissed if my hubby didn’t check with me before inviting someone to stay, unless it was an emergency & they had no where else to go.

    • He’d asked if he could extend the offer of a bedroom to that particular cousin about a year ago and I had agreed then though the offer was initially rejected by the cousin. He probably figured if I was ok with it then it would still be fine now.

  3. Relaxing weekends have a habit of becoming very busy very quickly in our house so I know what it was like for you! Hope you can keep sane with all those men in the house this summer!

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