Dear Diary…

I think I am physically incapable of not changing on a fairly regular basis. As such I have decided to scale back on the photography posts and get back to journaling. If you don’t want to read about all the hilarious and mundane things that go on in my daily life I understand and wish you nothing but the best. For the rest of you, enjoy reading my diary.


Dear Diary,

Today was long, but productive I suppose. Surpassed my activity goals and thoroughly enjoyed the warm weather on the numerous walks I insisted people go on with me throughout the day even though they all complained it was getting too hot out. Have to admit that I chuckled when I was running reports in the morning and came across certain names. I approved an app for a provider named Young Hu Chi followed immediately by an app for Fun Khil. Maybe it’s the pessimist in me but I hoped they went to an ethnically diverse school or I can only imagine the taunting they may have endured by insecure kids looking for a cheap laugh. Work had a health fair. I was mildly annoyed because a month ago the council hosting this fair had requested healthy recipes from us employees and were going to pick three to demonstrate during the fair. Only four people ended up even submitting recipes and two were pretty identical. I had submitted a healthy dessert recipe and was looking forward to seeing them make it. None of the submitted recipes were made or even mentioned. The kitchen staff just made up their own and none of them were even close to what the employees had suggested. What was the point of asking us if they weren’t going to use them? That is what really bothered me and I feel like this company does that a lot. It’s just so discouraging. Two days into having Z staying with us and he’s already annoyed everyone in the house. He likes to come in late after husband and I are in bed and rummage in the kitchen and then sit in my (noisy) massage chair which is right outside my bedroom door. He keeps eating husband’s food that he uses for his work lunches so now husband is short and we’re going to need to go grocery shopping mid week so he has enough for the rest of the week. He leaves the toilet seat up and he even used P’s dirty bath towel despite me telling him that there were clean ones in the cabinet. After his showers he leaves the shower door open so water drips out onto the tile floor. He also doesn’t use the bath fan when he showers so combine that with the water all over the floor and P was not too happy when he walked into the moisture covered bathroom to get ready for work. We like to avoid creating an environment that causes mold growth so this needs to be nipped in the bud asap. Husband wants to wait till my brother moves in and see what he does that annoys us then have a house meeting so we can all air our grievances. My optimism about this full house situation is starting to waiver. Husband decided that since we have to start locking our bedroom door now when we aren’t home that he needed to cut a cat entrance into the wall that separates our bedroom from the bathroom so that the cats can still access our room when the door is locked. I now have a narrow rectangular hole in my bedroom/bathroom wall. Luckily both cats have lost weight since we switched them to the grain-free food and they fit nicely through the passageway. On a brighter note I think I perfected my ice cream replacement dessert. One banana, 1/2 cup of ice, 1/2 cup almond milk and 4 tbsp. of PB2. I blend it and put in the freezer for a bit while I eat dinner. Take out what I want and sprinkle some peanut butter granola clusters on it and I have an instant guilt free dessert. Total love! Ok enough for today. Doctor’s appointment tomorrow, hopefully she tells me I am fit as a fiddle and good to go for baby making.


6 thoughts on “Dear Diary…

  1. Most of your angst with visitors is shared with all of humanity – but the cat door? Bwahahaha! Your husband cut a hole through the wall from your bedroom to the bathroom? Bwahahaha! As far as correcting unwanted behaviour, that should be done as soon as the behaviour is noticed, not by waiting for a general meeting. Behaviour conditioning is clear on that. Even to the point that it is part of the Canadian Labor code (Part 1: Any disciplinary action must be taken as soon as the behaviour is noticed or at the very latest before or at the end of the shift). Your husband is just looking for a way to avoid confronting his friend. Don’t let him get away with it or it will set a precedent. Right now, you know who is committing the indiscretions because you only have one visitor. It is undeniable. When both visitors are there it will be harder to figure out who is responsible and it will become a battle.

    Great ice cream recipe by the way. Thanks for sharing with us. (the whole post, not jut the ice cream) 😀

    • Wise words sir, wise words. Apparently the Twinkie issue was resolved but new ones have surfaced. I think I’ll take a picture of the cat door for tomorrow’s post, it’s just so narrow lol.

  2. I agree with Paul. (Again!) Deal with it now. It is always an uncomfortable thing to do but it will only get worse if it is left. You, meanwhile, have time to brief your brother who will of course behave perfectly! The ice-cream recipe sounds wonderful!

    • Yeah my brother will work to make sure he comes off better than Z, plus he’s more familiar with how I run my house. I already know what it’s like to live with my brother, Z is basically a stranger to me. I’ve encouraged hubby to just bring up the annoying habits but who knows if he will.

  3. Since my doctor gave me a lecture regarding my glucose levels, I’ve backed off all the unnecessary sugar…ice cream being one of them. What is PB2? Or am I just being stupid and not recognizing the obvious. I think I’d like to try that recipe because I’m obsessing over ice cream.

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