It was a quintessential summer day. Temps in the high 70’s, sunny with a slight breeze and the faintest wisps of clouds in the sky. I crushed my step goal, although my legs are begging me to let them rest a bit after so many days of increased activity. Husband was complaining about more twinkies that had gone missing in his morning text to me, then asked if I thought he should put a mouse trap in the box. I argued for a more civilized approach first, that of direct confrontation, which seemed to work since there was fresh new box of twinkies waiting for hubby when he got home from work. MT told me a funny story on our after-lunch walk about his wife taking a survey for Gevalia (it’s a brand of coffee) but she thought Gevalia was a type of STD and so she answered the entire survey under the impression they were asking her what she liked about an STD and would she recommend it to a friend, best part about it, etc. I can only imagine the confusion of the person reading her answers. We laughed, I decided it should become an inside joke. I told MT that the next time his wife mentioned she wanted coffee he should ask her if her Gevalia was flaring up. I could think up a whole line of jokes on this topic but I would probably be the only one laughing at them. I spent the rest of the day trying in vain to reduce my pile of work that mounded up when I took 2 measly days off to go to Philly. I made zero dent in it and then had to leave early for my doctor appointment. Dr. M seemed pleased to see me, it had been a couple years since I’d last been in, and she proclaimed that I appeared to be the picture of health. That’s of course pending all the test results that have yet to come back. Let’s hope that looks are not deceiving this time. It sucks being a woman and I am not a fan of those invasive and awkward exams. I was happy to hear that if the results were good I wouldn’t need to come back for 5 years. After work I made dinner and then went for another walk around Como with S. He walks so fast it makes my pace look snailish in comparison. He seems so stressed out but also stuck and in denial about the severity of his mother’s Alzheimer’s. I can’t fix his problems so instead I send him a funny meme in the mornings and go for walks with him so he can vent and not introvert so much. Husband bought a small drone and tried to get me to fly it. I can say that flying remote controlled air borne vehicles is not something I can just pick up and be good at. It continues to frustrate me how bad I am at it. I keep crashing them and cannot seem to grasp the concept of properly steering them while maintaining a level altitude. I can only hope that when I go and fly a twin engine plane in a couple weeks that I pick that up better than the drone flying. Watched a depressing game of baseball and my girl cat, Jasmine, jumped up on the couch to sit in my lap. Right as she was about to step over my leg our other cat, Miso, leaped up and swooped over into my lap, positioned himself comfortably, then looked over at Jasmine with a smug look on his face. I couldn’t help but laugh.20150610_211010_LLS_resized_1 20150610_212059_LLS_resized 20150610_212355_LLS_resized

She resignedly laid down next to me and the two cats who usually act as if interacting nicely (or touching in general) will literally kill them had a sweet moment which I had to immediately take a picture of since they are so rare no one ever believes me when I talk about them. That amusing interaction was almost immediately followed by the hilarious Tori Hunter (Twins baseball player) meltdown in the 8th inning of their dismal game against the Royals so I went to bed in a marginally better mood than I woke up in. Thursday calls for rain, I hope I can get in at least 10k steps even with bad weather.


11 thoughts on “6/10/15

  1. Fun post DBA. We used to have male and female cats as well and their relationship was exactly the same. They pretended to despise each other but when no one was looking, they would sleep together or huddle in storm. We need to see pictures of the cat door your husband installed. ha! 😀

    • Yes, that is exactly what they do, I’ve caught them napping together when I’ve come home early. Ok, I will take a picture of the cat hole in the wall. I forgot to do that last night.

  2. Loved it! Beautiful writing with great images…It’s dry here; it didn’t rain for weeks and in Spring! I hope you’ll enjoy your Thursday 🙂

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