Rained all day, I didn’t go for a single walk and I was all annoyed about that until I realized that my body really needed that rest from the gentle pushing I’ve been doing to it for the past week. Who knew that just clenching your glutes while you walk would work so many other muscles in your body as well? Got a random call from lawyer asking if we had been breaching a settlement agreement from last December. The other party’s lawyer had called him claiming we were still leaving bad reviews about his client. I assured lawyer that we had not been doing that and both husband and I did a quick review of all of our social media sites to ensure we hadn’t made mention of that company. There was no evidence anywhere of the other lawyer’s claims so hopefully we’ll hear nothing else about it. It was annoying though, husband especially was offended by the accusation. Was instructed to pick up a tomato on my way home as husband was making tacos for dinner. I don’t know what made me wander away from the pile of large standard tomatoes and go grab a couple of roma tomatoes but that is exactly what I did and thus ensured myself of a lecture when I got home. Husband, who I suspected was frustrated about something else, expressed his disappointment that I couldn’t comply with his simple request for a single large tomato for about 5 minutes. Then sulked through dinner. I had no excuse really. He did ask for a single large tomato and for some reason I simply chose to grab the romas in lieu of his request. I apologized but it still made for a quiet dinner. Found out soon after he was really annoyed with Z, who had damaged our staircase railing after repeatedly grabbing it as he would leap down the last couple of stairs and damaged one of our drawers in the kitchen. Since Z wasn’t around my minor transgression bore the brunt of his frustration. It has been decided that I will be husband’s “anger translator” and sometime over the weekend we will sit down with Z and express our concerns. Otherwise it was a quiet night and we both went to bed early. As requested here are some pictures of the tiny cat door husband cut into the wall.


bathroom side


bedroom side


5 thoughts on “6/11/15

  1. Hmmm, sounds like you and hubby have worked out a way to confront Z and others about concerns. As long as it works for you both and it is done, that’s cool. Love the cat doors! Ha! Never would have thought of that. I take it the cats have been using them?

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