Couldn’t get out of my house fast enough on Monday. There is something about seeing post it notes everywhere that makes me squirm. I blinked and the work day was over. I felt like I accomplished next to nothing even though I stayed an extra hour trying to fight down the growing pile of work. I dragged my feet going home and ran some errands, I really didn’t want to go home to awkwardness. Z had signed the lease agreement but then sent husband a message admonishing him for “touching his things and invading his creative space” when husband had gone in the bedroom to close the window, take out the trash and vacuum. Technically husband didn’t touch anything of Z’s, our window, our trash can, our carpet and vacuum but what’s the point of trying to explain technicalities to someone who can’t even follow simple guidelines? Eventually Z came downstairs (in his underwear) and we sat down to discuss the lease agreement, why things are expected and how to move forward. Z claimed selective amnesia about certain things and blamed the rest on his friends. If he can be respectful and stick to the rules things should be fine, otherwise we’ll be right there to issue strikes. I am not tolerating nonsense from people anymore. I will not be uncomfortable in my own house. Fuck that. On a different note I think I may be addicted to these crackers I found at the local Aldi store. They are only $1.49 a bag and I find myself eating them everyday. I think it’s becoming a problem so of course I made a joke about them.



12 thoughts on “6/15/15

  1. Sigh, he blamed someone else? What a surprise. Contract is fine but, and it’s a really, really BIG “BUT” , the value and usefulness of any contract hinges on one and only one factor: good faith. Both parties HAVE to be willing to accept the terms and considerations of the contract in good faith. It is never possible to enumerate the huge number of interactions in a contract, so each party has to be able and willing to act on the intent of the contract. And I can tell you right now that he is neither willing nor able to accept the intent of your contract. It is purposeless to even fight that battle DBA. The fact that he blamed his friends for issues makes it clear that he does not and will not take responsibility for his own actions. The fact that he would appear in your kitchen in his underwear makes it clear that he does not respect either you or your husband – not to mention your home. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. I am very doubtful if these personal characteristics of his could be affected now by anything short of a life-threatening epiphany. That is not exactly in your range of possible behaviour – although I’m sure it would be nice to dream it was. Post it notes ain’t gonna cut it – maybe an UZI might.

    May the Force be with You DBA – you need it.

      • Excellent. As long as you retain the ultimate yea or nay, all is fine. He does not see your hospitality as a gift by grace – he is not thankful for a home, he has a sense of entitlement that is insufferable. Once he realizes that you have the final say, he will suck up to you and continue his undesirable ways- I’ve seen others like him. His words mean nothing, he is one of those who can only be judged by his actions.

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