I Can’t Even…

I was already resigned to having an overwhelming day because I was going back to work (albeit from home but still) and I knew the pile of work was only going to be oh so much higher than it was when I last looked at it. If that stress wasn’t enough not 2 hours into my work day the doorbell rings.

There are several police officers at the door. They proceed to inform me they have a warrant to search my house. They do not say why they have a warrant. They enter and ask that everyone in the house sit at the table. I go to wake up my sick husband who was sleeping in our bedroom. I am followed very closely by an officer. I am so confused and sit at the table while they search my entire house. They had detained my mother outside while she was walking her dog. They did not tell her anything either. They hand the warrant over to husband to read, he finishes and hands it to me. It doesn’t say what the probable cause is just a bunch of bullet points about how they have the right to search my property and seize any laptops, tablets, electronics, etc to search for illegal activity. I remain completely confused. I wonder if they are going to confiscate my work laptop. I ask if I can put my messenger status to “away” but am informed I am not allowed to touch my work computer.

They talk to my mother out on the porch. They talk to my roommate (not Z) out on the porch, they talk to husband out on the porch. They finally ask to talk to me. I stare at the man asking me questions. I have no answers for him. I don’t understand what they are talking about. I keep thinking I must be dreaming, caught in a nightmare. I wonder if any of my co-workers have been trying to contact me and I am just not responding. I shake my head helplessly over and over again when the man asks me about a zune and peer to peer something. I don’t know what he’s talking about. I wonder what husband had been doing. I am finally allowed to go back inside and sit at the table with everyone else.

Z comes home in the middle of it, he is searched but they find nothing. Eventually the police leave and take my husband’s tablet and our laptop with them. They are looking for something on them, they will let us know in a couple months. I still don’t know what they are looking for. I ask husband and he says he doesn’t know either, that he is confident they won’t find anything. He goes back to sleep. I try to go back to work. I feel like I am trapped in some horrible alternate reality and I just want to go back to only being upset about work stuff.


14 thoughts on “I Can’t Even…

  1. That is really weird DBA. The first thing that pops to my mind is if your visitor has done something illegal. Zune is a media player under development by Microsoft to compete with itunes. And of course peer to peer would be media file sharing – generally illegal but seldom prosecuted here unless there is proof of commercial use (like ripping CDs and selling them). I am surprised they took some computers and left others. Strange. The only time I’ve ever had my place searched like that was when there was a murder locally.

  2. My goodness!! How terrible for you. I wish I knew how I could help you. I can’t believe how many awful things have happened to you recently. You are in my prayers as always. ❤

  3. I went through months of hell years ago and I’m still recovering. I often wonder what I would have liked to hear from someone while I was in the midst of grief and major change, and I can’t come up with anything except I’m here for you.

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