What Do You Love Today?

I am struggling so hard to come up with anything to put on this list today. I need you all to help me out and tell me…

What do YOU love today?


10 thoughts on “What Do You Love Today?

  1. I love the way my kids were so awesome this morning adjusting to our new routine, the people I work with, and this brown rice-spinach stuff I made a huge batch of to keep at work for lunches. I’m eating it right now. Yummmmmmm

  2. Blackberry pie for breakfast. I also love that you aren’t retreating to the emptiness of grief. Having lost my dad — crap — 7 years ago, I thought I would never recover. I always hung out on the deck listening to the birds and other nature sounds The outdoors was one place he loved and I felt his presence around me….I still do.

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