Noticed Thursdays night that I was getting a lot of acid building up after eating or drinking anything. I completely forgot about the discomfort of the night before when I made myself a cup of coffee Friday morning. The resulting unpleasant after-effect reminded me that something might be going on. After experiencing even more pain after eating lunch on Friday I realized that my high levels of stress, higher than normal consumption of coffee, round of antibiotics and the several nights of taking a dose of Robitussin to quiet my cough so I could sleep had resulted in some pretty destructive effects to my stomach.

Hello stress ulcer. Haven’t dealt with you since I was still an editor-in-chief of a newspaper. Had to cut out the coffee. Which meant that by Saturday afternoon I was dragging. Barely ate Saturday or Sunday because it was so uncomfortable. By Sunday I was also battling a headache. I slept most of Sunday and rested in a deep couch groove. I wanted so badly to take something for the headache but didn’t want to deal with the pain in my stomach. Woke up today with the headache still firmly throbbing.

Ughhh, my body revolting is just another stressful thing I didn’t need. I am working from home today, which I hadn’t planned on doing. I just need a break from all of this. Wtf life, wtf.


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  1. As you become more “mature” you’ll find that it takes less and less to agitate your body. Things that never bothered you will start to do so. Mind you, you’ve had a hell of a month, so there’s that.

    • Thank you, yes it’s doing better but then I’m also not drinking coffee or anything acidic, not eating any spicy foods (that is so hard to do) not eating fruit and taking a lot of antacids. I’m being very careful not to push things so that it can just heal.

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