Have you ever gotten to work right as your alarm goes off to wake you up for work? Yeah that’s been my morning so far.

There is a terrible auto repair shop that husband keeps taking his truck to. I keep telling him to stop taking his truck there. Yet, whenever there’s a problem he just keeps going back. It is like a metaphor for how he interacts with all his shitty friends and life in general. I think maybe he seeks out people that are going to disappoint and frustrate him.

A couple of weeks ago he brought the truck there to get his breaks and rotors replaced. They also took out his emergency brake pads and never replaced them before giving him back his truck. When he inquired with them about why his truck was making a horrible noise after the brake job they refused to believe it had anything to do with the brakes like husband said and instead convinced him he needed new u-joints. His truck was in that terrible shop being worked on when my dad was being rushed to the hospital and that shitty shop was the reason my husband didn’t get to the hospital until after he had died.

Yesterday, on his way home, husband noticed a disturbing sound and vibration coming from his truck. He pulled off the highway and started checking underneath his truck. His brand new u-joint was about to pop out. He limped his truck over to that shop on the side roads and they told him they couldn’t work on his truck until their mechanic came back from vacation. This mechanic was on vacation the last time his truck was there. How long is this mechanic’s vacation I wonder. He instructed them to leave his truck outside then so he could come back later and grab his work gear.

When husband came back several hours later (the shop was long closed) he found his truck parked with the hood facing and almost touching the garage door to one of the repair bays instead of the parking spot he had left it in. He noticed part of his dive train hanging down, slammed into the asphalt. This fucking repair shop, I don’t understand how one place can continue to keep its doors open with such terrible service.

As a result of their incompetence I had to wake up at 4:30am and drive husband to work. Since I wasn’t even informed of this until a little after 10pm at night I feel very cheated out of my much needed beauty sleep. Oh well, at least one perk of getting to work at 5:45am is that I get to leave at 2:15pm. I think today will consist of many many walks and a lot of music.


4 thoughts on “7/9/15

  1. The early bird gets the worm. Bwahahaha! Don’t you hate that? My philosophy in life has always been “The second mouse gets the cheese.” Time to roll over and go back to sleep. ZZZZZZZZZ 😀

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