I Just Wanted A Nice Weekend

I was so excited to be heading out to WI for the weekend that Friday kinda flew by. Before I knew it the work day had ended and I was free to start relaxing, or so I thought.

Got a call from husband as I was leaving work informing me we still needed some more supplies for the camping weekend so off to Target I went before heading home. I arrived at the house before husband and immediately started packing up and getting all our supplies ready to be packed into the truck.

I was then informed we would need to take my car as well because we would each be taking a passenger (husband’s friends) with us and the truck only seats 2 people. I began packing up my car. 6:30 and husband still wasn’t home so I ate leftover Chinese food for dinner and giggled over my fortune that I knew without a doubt would come true (you will be offered a usual gift, accept it!) because whenever we go out to “Dog Haven” which is land owned by the family of husband’s friends they always have little gifts for everyone like flashlights and can koozies, plus plenty of adult beverages on hand to put in the koozies.

Finally husband showed up with his two friends, MA and SK. They stayed outside while husband came in to shower and get ready to head out. Z had thought we were already gone for the weekend and seemed surprised when he came downstairs to find us still there. We soon realized why he was surprised when a lady friend of his showed up carrying a 12 pack of beer. We had specifically told him no parties and I’m sure the flurry of activity his phone suddenly chimed about was him telling people to not show up at our house. He’s only 19, not sure why he thinks he can bring alcohol into this house.

Finally around 10pm we hit the road. My driving was critiqued the entire way there via phone calls from husband who was concerned if I was alright. I had set my cruise control early on so I didn’t understand why he kept insisting I was constantly changing speeds all the time. My speedometer and RPM gauges stayed level but the truck behind me kept insisting my car must be wonky. Anxiety in my passenger quickly rose, I was afraid SK was going to freak out. So far my weekend getaway was getting away from me.

Got to the land a little after midnight. Beat husband there so I headed down with SK to the fire to wait for him. There were margaritas on tap but the mixture was sadly far too sugary for me. Husband showed up with MA and we got our tent set up then promptly went back to the fire armed with our flashlights, cups and koozies that were handed out when we arrived. Lots of talking and laughing and we didn’t head to bed until after 5am. I fell asleep to the sounds of the birds waking up.

Got up at 8:30am anyway and rounded up the gang to head to “little house” a café in a nearby town that serves a pretty decent meal. After breakfast we all relaxed a bit until we couldn’t take it anymore and headed off to the boat landing to go tubing. We had been waiting for the other group to come back from the long ride and to our delighted surprise as we got in the water at the boat landing (short ride) we saw them floating by. We strode out to meet them and tied up to their ropes and together we all made the rest of the ride back down to Dog Haven. Laying there with my toes in the cool water and the sun shining down on me, ice cold beer in hand, it was the most relaxed I had been in a long long time.

Unfortunately it was all too brief. When we got back I immediately decided to join the next group going back to tube the short run again since husband had implied he was going to start working on repairing the stone stairs that had partially washed away in the spring floods. When I got back husband seemed very quiet and wasn’t joking around like he normally would be. We grilled our burgers but shortly after dinner, whilst I was creating gingersnap smores, husband disappeared into our tent. I went to check on him and he was very warm to the touch and complaining about his head and throat hurting. I gave him some advil and he fell asleep before 8:30pm. I decided since I had stayed up so late Friday night I would get ready for bed myself and read by the light of a little led lantern for a couple hours until sleep took me.

Woke up in the morning and husband was worse. Started packing up our things before 8am. Normally we would be one of the last ones leaving on a Sunday but this time we were among the first to head out. I tried to get husband to let SK or me drive his truck back but he insisted on driving home himself. By the time he got back to our house he was shaking. He laid down and tried to sleep. His temperature kept climbing but he didn’t want to go to urgent care. I made him a Dr. appt for Monday afternoon but when his temperature got to 102 I decided he was going to urgent care anyway.

Two hours later we were back home with a large bottle of liquid antibiotics and a Dr note excusing him from work the next day, strep they said. I spent the remainder of the night trying to take care of everything and husband. I was asleep by 10. It was not quite the relaxing weekend I had wanted.

I can feel something in the back of my throat now. I really hope it is just from being around too much smoke all weekend though. Fingers crossed.


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