What Do You Love Today?

The amazing gf bacon mac n cheese with white cheddar crumble on top I made for lunch, every new type of flower I discover in my wild garden and the relief I feel knowing Z will soon be out of my house.

What do YOU love today?


4 thoughts on “What Do You Love Today?

  1. Nothing pressing or too exciting. Ha! My bed was too low and I was having a hard time getting out of it in the am, plus I needed more storage, so I wanted to raise the bed by 8 inches or so. The cheapest sturdy solution I could find were 8″ X 16 ” concrete building blocks – they are only a few dollars each, but they are almost 50 pounds each. So off I went to Home Depot on the handicap bus. I checked all around and the blocks were the best solution. Oh well, I bought 4 and could barely push them (200 pounds of concrete) in the cart. I was sweating the arrival of the handicap transportation, but the driver was totally nonchalant. Ha! As if his customers regularly hauled concrete building blocks around by handicap transpo. ha! He was great as we manhandled the blocks aboard. I think he was new as I hadn’t seen him before. I have had drivers gripe because I had too many grocery bags, let along concrete blocks. I got them up the steps into my apartment and under the bed legs. They are perfect. When I sit on the edge of my bed now, my legs are straight down (from the knees) and my feet flat on the floor. Much easier to get in and out. And my storage totes fit perfectly under the bed. So not a bad deal. I don’t have to worry about my blocks wearing out or breaking – Ha! They’ll likely still be brand new after the building has fallen down from age.

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