What A Week

This week started out terrible. Monday was painful both physically and emotionally. My stressed out body informed me that it had no capacity for generating life at this time so that was another blow. I did go walking around the lake Monday by myself in hopes that some solitude, mild exercise and beautiful scenery would help me let go of the loss I was feeling.

Tuesday was an exercise in frustration in regards to work. I also found out that the rim we had ordered last week and were charged for had not in fact been ordered and so had not arrived at the shop like it was supposed to be. My car repairs had to be postponed which threw off the rest of my week’s schedule. SO and I went walking around the lake in the evening and were yelled at by some angry lady because we stood by our cars on the street outside of her house for a couple minutes after our walk doing the typical long MN goodbye. Got home and husband informed me of new expenses that were coming up in regard to our house. He had found new things that were done incorrectly by the builder relating to the structure…oh joy, well at least we know now why our house is pulling itself apart.

Wednesday seemed like it was going to be a kind day, started off so well, but by the afternoon it had really started to go downhill fast. Got a letter in the mail from lawyer. Apparently the lawyer from a company we had dealt with last year was trying to claim we had breached our contract agreement from December of 2014. We had not actually done anything to warrant this accusation and we had already informed our lawyer of this at the beginning of June when he had called us about it.

Prior to getting a lawyer we had filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against the company because they were refusing to fulfill the contract we had with them that we had paid them in full for. We had given them almost 2 years to do it so it’s not like we were being unreasonable. They, however, were being very unprofessional about the entire thing and it was getting ridiculous and putting our health and home in danger. The company wasn’t responding to the BBB complaint and so we ended up getting a lawyer. Eventually we came to a settlement agreement, which still left us being screwed over but at least we were only out half our money instead of the full amount. Part of the agreement was that we would not post any new negative reviews about the company (husband had posted numerous ones prior to getting a lawyer trying to not only get the company to take responsibility for their actions, or lack thereof, but to also warn other consumers about the unprofessional nature of the company) however we were not obligated to remove any of the reviews already online. We also agreed to close out the BBB complaint, which we did.

The company’s lawyer is claiming we filed the BBB complaint on 12/11/14, 6 days after signing the settlement contract. He is claiming that because if you search for that company in the BBB database it will show the complaints listed against them. It doesn’t show the full summary of activity, just the last date the complaint was updated, the content of the original complaint and whatever the final resolution was. 12/11/14 is actually the date that the complaint was closed out once we had sent the BBB proof that we had come to a settlement with the company. It should occur to anyone with even half a brain that if there is mention of a complaint in a settlement agreement that it must already exist and if they were still confused about the date, all they would have to do is contact the BBB for clarification. Nope, this asshole decided he is going to basically harass me with these accusations instead of getting any proof.

I easily pulled up the full summary that clearly showed the complaint was filed in October and closed out on that 12/11/14 date and sent it to lawyer. I told lawyer I better not hear anything else about this because it is just ridiculous and unnecessary and I also better not get billed for this. I didn’t ask him to represent me on this and that company’s lawyer could just as easily be contacting me about it. I did not give lawyer permission to take that call on my behalf or ask him to send me any correspondence. I will not spend one more cent because of that shitty awful company.

As I was waiting for husband to come home so we could discuss the whole lawyer letter I heard a knock at my door. Turns out it was my mom. She had locked herself out of her house and her cell phone was dead. Her natural response was to drive all the way to my house even though she had given my spare key to her house to her sister. I called my aunt and arranged to stop by and get the key. I drove my mom back to her house and told her to pack some clothes and grab the dog. Since my brother is out of town in WA for the next couple of weeks for work she has been by herself. Clearly she is not doing ok on her own and I don’t have the time or ability to be worrying about checking in on her everyday (her house is about 45 miles away) so she just needs to come stay with me until my brother gets back. She complied with my wishes and I drove us back to my place and went to bed for the night.

Thursday at work I stepped away from my desk for my weekly committee meeting. Came back 30 minutes later to numerous missed calls from my mom and husband. Turns out Z had left the house and set the alarm for no good reason. My mom went to take the dog for a walk and didn’t see the alarm was on. She set it off and in her panic forgot the alarm code. She called my phone literally one minute after I had left for my meeting. There were a series of progressively more hysterical voicemails from her. I could hear the alarm blaring in the background. Then I could hear the police. Yep the police came to make sure my mom wasn’t burgluring my house. Luckily good roommate came home right as the cops showed up and smoothed things over. Another panicky call over nothing right as I was leaving work for the day distracted me just enough to forget to grab my laptop as I left. Figured that out at 10:30 at night so there would be no working from home for me on Friday, even though my car needed to go to the shop to get the rest of the repairs done on it.

Took my mom’s car in to work today, forgot to grab my work badge so I had to go through the security desk and verify my identity to get in the building. I am so done with this week. I don’t understand where all this chaos is coming from. I am, however, very very grateful for my support network. Without all the people who have given me support, kind words, warm sentiments, useful advice and much needed hugs I don’t think I would be able to get up after all these blows. Yet get up I do, and will continue to do until my dying breath.


18 thoughts on “What A Week

  1. You poor thing! Sounds like another week from hell. Good for you for keeping all the documents to throw in the idiot lawyers face as regards dates! I just can’t believe how much piles up on you, with your Mum and everything.
    It is Friday – I think a very large glass of wine (or stronger) is in order! Cheers! 🙂

    • I know right, I want lots of positive things to write about and I hope my future is full of them. For now I’ll have to settle for knowing my ability to survive under duress is even greater than before and maybe I’ll even inspire people to understand their life isn’t so bad. There’s just got to be some sort of upside to all this. Hope you have an excellent weekend 🙂

      • I know that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and all that – but it sucks when you’re going through it. At times like yours, I start quoting Gandalf from Lord of the Rings – This too shall pass!
        Hope your weekend is restful 🙂

  2. What a terrible week and from reading the comment above it sounds like it’s not over yet. Poor you! I am wishing you strength, patience, health and lots of good luck!

  3. Wow. I see what you mean by this week needing its own post DBA. Whew. In general, we all have weeks where it seems we can only lose. When I detect such a week (or day), I put on a helmet and hunker down hoping to come out no further behind, and giving up any thought of progressing. As my buddy, David, used to say: ” When I hit a wall going full speed, I get back up, clean up the blood and brush off the dirt and carry on. It’s when it feels like I’m attached to the wall with a bungee cord that I start to get upset.”

    In your particular case, it seems that a lot of your issues stem from businesses that are giving sub-standard service or products – unordered parts, structural issues with your home, legal matters relating to previous issues with businesses, etc. And then, of course, there is Z, a continuing source of aggravation. I thought he was going home to Mommie? Anyway, at least most of your issues can be addressed – be it changing garages, straightening out lawyers, and ridding yourself of Z. Of, course, there is still the sadness around your Dad passing – and that colors all else. It will take a long time for that sadness to stop affecting daily feelings, meanwhile you do have avenues to address your bad week.

    I wish you the best in fixing your problems – at least you still have your health and people who love you, a good solid base to start from. 🙂

    • Z is leaving tomorrow! He got in a fight with husband tonight about his immature behavior and his parents are coming tomorrow to move his stuff out. I was doing a happy dance until I saw that the prospect of having some of his family mad at him caused hubby to spiral down into a negative depression. He has retreated to worst case scenarioville and doesn’t want to hear reason on the subject. Z is refusing to take responsibility for his actions and his parents are doing what too many parents do and blindly taking their child’s side even in the face of irrefutable video evidence that Z deserved the eviction and is blatantly lying to them about the situation. Husband just needs to leave the situation alone and give it time. The family relations will sort out after a bit, but sadly I doubt he will and I’m sure unnecessary words will be spoken tomorrow to escalate the situation. Either way I’m focusing on the fact that by this time tomorrow this will be a A free residence. If some of hubby’s family chooses to ignore me at future events it’s no great loss to me.

      • That’s great! It will remove one of the issues causing continual aggravation. It is sad that your husband is worried about the repercussions. Not really much you can do about that. Hopefully time will heal the rift. I wish you and he the very best.

      • No I haven’t published anything lately – I’m a bit worried about that. Maybe, I’ve written all that there is to be written? I’ve often considered my self a scribe – noting actions – rather than a writer. We shall see.

      • I’d be surprised if you were really out of stories. Not everything has to be wildly entertaining by your own standards. Don’t forget that you’ve been desensitized to your own life stories but to others they’re still interesting and new, people like new.

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