What Do You Love Today?

Lovely weather with a light breeze, home-made stir fry, mental fortitude and the musical interlude 2:06 minutes into the song “Hand That Feeds.”

What do YOU love today?


5 thoughts on “What Do You Love Today?

  1. Dialysis went very well last night. I’ve been having heart rate and BP problems in the last week and I was sure it was dehydration – doctors not so much. It turns out I was right, my heart rate and BP were back to perfect last night – 125/75 and 72. Big, big relief – it could have been anything up to and including heart failure. I am thankful for that good news. I slept pretty good and feel good. I found some chicken on sale yesterday but there were only few days left on the best before. I didn’t have space in my freezer for the chicken but the deal was too good to pass up. So while I was in dialysis I had the chicken in the slow cooker – filled it to the top but got it all in (I was concerned it might overflow, so I set it in the sink to cook, but it was fine) – with carrots and lots of BBQ sauce. When i got home it was just ready. I let it cool for a bit, then stripped the meat off the chicken, put it in freezer bags – much less space this way and it fit in the freezer. I have enough chicken to feed the army – Ha! – and it will keep for months that way. I got the chicken for $1.40 a pound – an incredible price around here – typically a 2 pound chicken sells for about $8 cheapest and usually about $10..

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