Back To Reality

Eased into my first day back at work by working from home today. I got home on Friday evening from my week up at the cabin. As my commute back took me in range of large cities and the largest one of all, my city, I could feel my stress level rising.

There is a lovely sense of peace that accompanies one who visits Stornaway cabin up in Deerwood, MN. The expanse of woods and water that surround you, bereft of people, act like a barrier to stress and anxiety. The sounds of birds and waves and wind through the leaves is a much more tranquil soundtrack than the blaring sirens, loud stereos and raucous calls of my frogtown neighborhood.

For a blissful week I knew little stress and deep slumber. Barely looked at my phone, never even bothered to turn on the laptop I took with me and I didn’t even take my camera out much. The time, predictably, flew by far too fast.

The first night I was barely there alone for a couple hours before my cousin and her family showed up. They all immediately made themselves comfortable, as the place invites you to do, and we stayed up into the wee hours of the night with a glass of wine in hand and laughter on our tongues.

I woke early, too excited to be there to sleep more than the three hours since my head hit the pillow. A quick breakfast and lots of coffee bolstered me and I set out with her two young sons to show them the lay of the land. We ran along the trails out to the tree fort, down to the beach to turn the paddleboat over so the water would drain out for later use and then over to the dock to try our hand at some fishing. We made our way back up to the main cabin in time to greet my brother who had come up with his 4-wheeler.

I took a quick ride or two on my brother’s new toy, child clutching me from behind as I navigated the trails. Lunch was made and errands were ran to prep for the evening. A pretty heavy storm was forcasted to come through the area over the course of the evening/night but we lucked out and it passed by us with no power outages. We drank (I limited myself to a single beer this time) and played board games long into the night once more. Brother and I taught my cousin’s oldest child to play poker, she even ended up winning the whole game. Eventually, earlier than the night before, we all succumbed to sleep.

Sunday most rose late, though I was still up before 9 and my cousin’s family prepared to head back home after a bit more running about the place. My brother stayed a bit longer but eventually he too left and I found myself alone for the night. I read a bit then fell asleep by 11pm.

Woke up and while I was enjoying my bowl of cereal my aunt and uncle (by marriage) showed up to collect the john deere. I talked uncle into mowing the grass before he left and they were still there when my mom showed up. Both she and the dog were delighted to be there. I helped her unload and we ate the lunch I had been preparing for everyone.

Eventually we made our way into the nearest town large enough to have a target and we stocked up on the necessities. Got back to the cabin with some time to spare before S and his mom came up to spend the night. I hadn’t spent any time with S’ mom in awhile and she is much much worse than the last time. She kept forgetting how to eat, couldn’t grasp the concept of a simple card game and I even saw he slap a fly on her arm, then try and put it in her mouth. I don’t know how S does it everyday. I don’t think I would have the patience to watch my mom deteriorate like that.

Wednesday was quiet, S and his mom left after I took a moment to shoot his 45, now I can add that to the list of guns I’ve shot. I will eventually work my way around to pretty much all of them, hopefully. Rowed my momma out on the lake to fish but we caught nothing but nibbles. Got her a new cell phone and got that set up for her, she’s gotten way too comfortable with facebook now.

Thursday took the boat out again and this time I snagged a bass although my mom only managed to catch weeds and lose several bait-filled hooks. Definitely got my upper body work out in though. The dog reluctantly got into the boat, but absolutely refused to get out. It took quite a bit of finagling to get him off that boat. Tried to pre-pack up all that I could and spent the evening playing cards with my mom.

Friday I tried to enjoy the last bits of peaceful morning but I was really missing the husband, kitties and my delightful clean shower at home. I was actually itching to leave but didn’t appreciate the stress that started creeping in the closer I got to my house. If only I could move my house to that piece of land I think it would perfect. Got home and spent the evening just laying next to hubby surrounded by the cats, glad to know I would be sleeping in my own bed that night.

It was a great vacation but now…back to the grind.

What’s Right With You Today?

Woke up at the cabin and the strong storms that were hitting the area completely bypassed me, lots of family time ensued, new inside jokes were formed and I taught an impressionable youth a valuable lesson.

What’s right with YOU today?

Friday At Last

It’s Friday, I am all caught up at work and in only a couple of hours I get to fly this coop and head here!


The only downside is that while I am relaxing by the water husband will still be at home, working. The cats, I’m sure, will also miss me.

I’ve managed to convince random people and family to come join me throughout the week so, with the exception of a couple of hours this evening, I doubt I will ever be alone up there.

Fresh air, fishing, hiking, target practice with my 9mm and the shotguns, paddle boating about the lake, enjoying a large bonfire by the water and so much more…I can’t wait!

I love free vacations!