What’s Right With You Today?

Finished welding the steel beam for sheetrock and installed one of the three pocket doors downstairs, weeded my garden and checked off lots of chores for the day.

What’s right with YOU today?


14 thoughts on “What’s Right With You Today?

  1. Well, my day has not been good. I have a lot of anger right now and don’t know how to handle it. Can’t calm down and am thinking of doing and saying many mean things, but actually that won’t help. Thanks for listening.

    • Venting can be a useful tool, I can relate to how you were feeling when you posted this comment. It’s an unpleasant thing to feel trapped in anger, frustration and negativity and it can be tricky to diffuse those feeling cages without just blowing up at everyone else. I hope you have, or will soon find some distance has been placed between you and the anger. Feel free to vent anytime you need to.

  2. Ha! You weld DBA? MIG, TIG, rod, braze, ? That’s awesome – you weld and have flown an airplane – so cool. Anyway, today was good. I was walking to the store to get bread and I came across a yard sale. I was looking for a storage tote and there was a big one with a lid – Rubbermaid – and it looked almost new – I go it it for $2. So I took it back home and put all my cleaning supplies and detergent in it and it slides perfect under my bed. Anyway, went to the store and found some good bread that was day old for 1/2 price, then got a lift back home with a bus. I was putting out the garbage and noticed that my window was lower to the ground than I had thought. I had bought some screen , so I called up a friend who brought some duct tape and we installed a screen on my window – it looks great. He stood on some recycle bins and was able to reach to the top of the window. The shower has not been properly cleaned by the building maintenance and I complained but it didn’t get done. I got tired of the dirt and mold and cleaned it myself with bleach and Mr Clean – that puppy sparkles now. Nothing can live in there now – in fact it is hard to breathe from the bleach fumes. So I took a leisurely shower to celebrate. 😀 Oh, and I wrote a guest post for Willowdot21 that publishes tomorrow. Just having a coffee and checking out blogs now. Looking forward to watching The Good Wife on shortly.

    • Lots of great things on your list, very happy to hear that you don’t have to shower with the mold anymore, even if you did have to kill it yourself. Have to say I’m not the greatest stick welder, I kept going to fast and not leaving enough metal or going too slow and the stick would get stuck and I’d have to yank it. Still it was a learning experience. I am also getting good at drywall demo and installing pocket doors!

      • Hmm, sounds like you need to up the current a bit – that’ll leave more metal when you go fast and keep the stick from catching. I don’t think you’ll need classes for drywall demo – Ha! – but pocket door installation can be tricky from what I’ve seen. Whew! You are are multi-talented woman.

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