What Dreams May Come

I’ve dreamed of the ocean the last several nights, one of them was even a dream inside a dream (the Atlantic ocean began at the east edges of WI after the ocean levels finished rising) which was pretty interesting.

Last night amongst my dreams of the ocean, oh such oceans that they are too, not oceans in existence now but perhaps the future oceans, I dreamed that I had taken a trip with my momma and someone else I can’t recall.

As we were situating ourselves at the temporary residence (hotel, apartment?) there was a knock at the door. Someone else answered it and in ran my niece Lils. She was older than the last time I saw her, she was the age she would be now if she had lived. 4 and taller, slightly longer hair that curled mostly just at the ends now. She ran to me and gave me a hug like she always used to. I started crying and felt so relieved, saying “we thought we’d lost you” and she stared at me like I was nuts and told me she was always around.

She insisted we go outside, that I take her to go exploring. We were by all sorts of large trees and wooden walk ways among the canopies. She talked to me as we walked around but I can’t remember what she said. We stood at the end of a large fallen tree, that had been cut in half to make an elevated path, looking out at swinging bars made of wood and vine and a large cavern at the base of a tree so massive you could fit several cars in the base. She told me she wanted to go play. There was a lovely playground made out of living wood and polished stone, beautiful in its ingenuity and harmony. She let go of my hand as we approached the play area and ran towards the slide, I got the impression my brother was around somewhere and felt my dream begin to shift to something else.

Even as the new people entered and my surrounding began to change I could feel myself wanting to go back and spend more time with Lils. I fought against the shift but lost and soon found myself on tropical shores surrounded by fun-loving people who wanted to just relax and were telling me to relax, which I think I obliged. I can’t remember what woke me up but when I did I felt a wave of simultaneous peace and sadness wash over me.

I don’t want to forget this dream which is why I wrote it down. Even if it’s just my imagination it was still very interesting to me.

What crazy dreams do you have?


9 thoughts on “What Dreams May Come

  1. It is a powerful emotion when you meet someone in your dream that is no longer here, so I can understand the peace and the sadness.
    I think we don’t know enough of the universe and life or death – to say we are not meeting our lost loved ones in some other dimension.

  2. I really like when I remember my dreams and I have written down lots of them. I also look up in the book about dream symbols. Apparently, the dreams with people who are no longer with us are quite important, with a message. My last dream was featuring a talking dog. I look after him a bit at work and there he was in my dream talking about some nice dog girl!

    • It’s been a long time since I read about dream symbolism, might have to reacquaint myself with that since my dreams have been so darn vivid and interesting lately. I think a dream about a talking dog would be great, pretty sure the animals have a lot of insightful things to tell us but we’re just too dense to understand them.

  3. I like what Scifihammy said. I would find dreams like that comforting. I hardly ever meet people I know, or have known, in my dreams and most of my dreams I forget. The ones I like are when I explore an old house and go from room to room and up and down staircases. I sometimes have the most awful dreams (not frightening ones) where I am behaving in such a strange way and doing really odd things. I tell my daughters about them and they find them so funny. My husband tries to read something into them which is really terrible! 😀

  4. I used to have dreams about the ocean but can’t remember what it was supposed to symbolize–maybe coming to terms with something lost? I have had dreams with my dad in them and they are the best dreams because I feel as if I have spent some time with him.

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