More crazy travel dreams with my mom and aunt, this time on a plane. Lots of airports, can’t remember where we were supposed to be going or where everyone else was but repeated waiting in lines and boarding/un-boarding from the planes. Probably symbolizing that I feel like I am constantly moving and getting nowhere.

However, there are lots of areas of my life where I can measure progress. Take for example the damn basement. Yes it has been a little over 2.5 years since we moved in and it should’ve been completed by now but life had other plans. If we hadn’t taken as long as we did though we probably wouldn’t have found the structural issues hiding down there. Painful as it was to tear down those beautiful knockdown ceilings we had painstakingly installed over the winter of 2012 we saved ourselves from having them fall down on us in an undetermined amount of years in the future.

Frustrating as it is to keep finding issues in that house each one gives us an opportunity to fix them now before it becomes a rental property. We can fortify for the future. Maybe contractor didn’t care about the quality but we sure do and everything we tear apart and rebuild is done better and stronger, made to last this time.


Plus I got to learn how to do things like run electrical, plumbing & hvac. I also learned how to tear down drywall without making a mess, install regular and pocket doors, stick weld, mud/tape, install windows, trim and stairs, asphalt shingle a roof and install kitchen cabinets.

Look what I can do!

Look what I can do!

I think we will actually be done down there soon. Just need to be creative with the budget since I have to re-do those floors for the third time and will have to learn how to make concrete countertops before the end.

Oh well, mini-vacation coming up in a couple weeks and I can’t wait. Until then I will keep reminding myself that even if I feel stuck I am continually moving and growing. Progress, though slow, is happening.

8 thoughts on “8/11/15

  1. You are amazing! I know the progress is slow and if the contractor had done his job properly in the first place you would be better off financially and wouldn’t have had all the ill health you’ve suffered but I’m astounded by the amount of skills you’ve gained and by your determination not to be beaten. You should be so proud of yourself!

  2. You’re doing amazing DBA. You look so serious with your safety glasses on. Awesome pocket doors – and it’s not every one’s pocket door that I compliment. Ha! Remember, don’t shingle any roof of 4:12 pitch or lower (that’s 4 inches of rise for every 12 inches of run or 18.43 degrees slant) – it will leak. I am impressed by your willingness to tackle anything.

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