What’s Right With You Today?

Got lots of sleep and even a nap midday, had the delicious hubby pancakes again, more progress on the basement and managed to get several loads of laundry done despite my fatigue.

What’s right with YOU today?


8 thoughts on “What’s Right With You Today?

  1. Slept like a rock last night – must be the cooler nights here (about 60 F). Went for a tour this afternoon with a friend to the local Salvation Army and found an almost new leather bomber jacket for $6.99. It actually fits me – I take 2XL – and has a quilted lining and hood – my guess is that it is a $300 jacket. Also picked up a comforter, some golf shirts, kitchen utensils, pots, a throw rug, etc for under $70 total.I had a cit for $70, so it all cost me nothing.

    Did a blog post this afternoon, checked some e-mail and blogs – had slow-cooked pork for supper and am now having some perked coffee. Am making this place more like a home everyday.

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