What Do You Love Today?

The feel of a warm mug of tea in between your hands, the wise words of clarepooley33 who I suspect may have helped me solve a mystery, walking outside under the warm sunshine, yoga stretches, sharing silly comics and adult play dates.

What do YOU love today?


10 thoughts on “What Do You Love Today?

  1. I missed dialysis Monday (long story) and so Wednesday’s treatment felt great. I did my yearly interview with the city this morning to continue benefits – all went well. I qualify for another benefit which I will receive next week as a cheque. Got my fingers slapped for a slight misappropriation of funds that I promised to correct – hey,., you never know until you try (using medical device money for prescriptions – nothing devious but not according to the rules. I showed them – with receipts – where the short-fall was and they promised to do their part to correct it.)

    A friend dropped over for a chat and a diet Coke – we are planning a run to another Salvation Army store at the end of the month. Just enjoying the sun this afternoon – it is a beautiful day here, not many of those left in the summer.

      • Yeah, they can be funny sometimes. For instance, because I am on disability and am a dialysis patient, the city supplies me with a bus pass each month. The city run service then checks my bus pass to make sure I am valid. So, last month I notified the city that I had moved. They did not change the address on my monthly pass, so it went to my old place. So, I didn’t have it the first of the month ( I have since retrieved it) and the driver gave me a stern lecture on making sure I had the pass and wrote up a form indicating he gave me a ride without a pass – Ha! This form went back to the same office that failed to change my address resulting in my not having the pass. Everyone was happy. Reminds me of how you keep a Newfie (Newfoundlander)busy:

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