What’s Right With You Today?

No one burned down my house, had pancrepes for breakfast, got the finish coat of mud on down in the basement and I’m under no obligation to do anything but relax for the rest of the night.

What’s right with YOU today?


Spent Sunday night at the Motion City Soundtrack show with my brother so I missed The Walking Dead. Monday morning at work I was going to watch it after finishing my daily reports, but my phone committed firmware suicide as I was going to open up my comcast app. I didn’t realize what the universe was trying to shield me from until I sat down Monday evening to watch the episode I missed.

WTF just happened to Glenn?!!! You don’t do that to Glenn, I mean come on, it’s fucking Glenn. 

What’s Right With You Today?

Got a lot of sanding done so the basement is ready for the finish coat of mud, utilized coupons effectively to save almost $25 on cat food and I discovered that I had all the ingredients to make myself gf smores as a reward for all the horrible sanding I did.

What’s right with YOU today?

What Do You Love Today?

Free breakfast, walking outside with bare legs but a winter hat on, invites to interview for new jobs, accepting that my future hasn’t been written yet so I have the chance to make it a great one and the joy of giving inexpensive gifts that still bring smiles to another’s face.

What do YOU love today?

Time Out

On Tuesday morning I got a text that literally destroyed my life as I know it. The last several days have been a stress-filled, painful blur. I don’t even have the words to describe how upset I am. The next several weeks are going to be terrible and since I can’t predict the future I don’t know just how different my life is going to become in the next month or two. In light of the events that are occurring it is very likely that I will not have the time, energy or mental fortitude to update this blog for awhile, even the what do you love and what’s going right installments. Please take care of yourselves and hopefully one day I’ll be able to share this latest challenge life has flung at me, or at least whatever lesson I learned from it.