Spent Sunday night at the Motion City Soundtrack show with my brother so I missed The Walking Dead. Monday morning at work I was going to watch it after finishing my daily reports, but my phone committed firmware suicide as I was going to open up my comcast app. I didn’t realize what the universe was trying to shield me from until I sat down Monday evening to watch the episode I missed.

WTF just happened to Glenn?!!! You don’t do that to Glenn, I mean come on, it’s fucking Glenn. 

4 thoughts on “wtf

    • Yeah, the repair guy couldn’t figure out what had happened, eventually after completely disassembling my phone and putting it back together he shrugged and said that maybe someone had tried to hack my phone or something and it triggered a corruption cascade. Full reset and it seems to be functioning ok, chalking it up to the police tapping my phone too many times. Seriously, I should be given my own reality show if they want to be that far up in my business.

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