Battle For Supremacy

Most stories are about a hero. A character that battles evil and conquers it in the end. Sadly tho, life doesn’t often afford such endings. More times than we’d ever like to admit the grip of evil holds fast to those we love and no amount of heroism will thwart the hold no matter how much we want to believe good will triumph. Sometimes we have to accept the loss and move on. Sometimes we won’t win, no matter how pure our motives. May your 2016 be full of triumph and may the demons in your life stay jailed in the past.

11 thoughts on “Battle For Supremacy

  1. I’m struggling with something I have locked in my brain. No hero in the story and it’s stuck there. I’m hoping I can move on. Best wishes to you in the new year.

  2. hello dobetteralways its dennis the vizsla dog hay tail wags to yoo for tweeny siksteen!!! if yoo need me and my indiana jones hat or saya and her katana to come help fite eevil just let us no!!! ok bye

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